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Privacy Policy

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All incidental information collected from you when you access our website is kept private and we will never share it with third parties unless we are required by law enforcement, via a court issued warrant, to provide such information to them.

We may have different ways for you to sign-up to receive emails from us. These emails may contain advertising on our behalf or on the behalf of a third party affiliate. You will always have the choice to opt-out to prevent our emails from being sent to you.

Note that communications by email is insecure and emails are transmitted in plain text over the Internet and can be intercepted and read by anyone along the network between one email server and another. Unless you exchange emails which are encrypted and share your public key with the recipient, emails can be read by anyone that nabs them.

All comments posted to our website by you may be seen by anyone viewing the page(s) your comments appear on. If for some reason you are unable to delete a comment, please contact us at contact@TheTrumpTimes.com and we will consider removing it for you. If you posted some personal identifying information about yourself or someone else, we will remove it upon request if we do not catch it first.

Also, unless requested otherwise, emails sent to contact@TheTrumpTimes.com may be published on our website. Any personal identifying information, beside your name, will be redacted. We will remove you name on request. We will consider removing any published email on request.

We have no control over the incidental information collected by third parties which may appear on our website in the form of advertisements, videos, tweets, etc. Theis sort of content is embedded into our web pages and does not originate from our web server. Embedded content allows third parties to see your HTTP request information* and set/read cookies** in your browser. What they do with that information is out of our control.

We only use quality advertisers and embedded application vendors who strive to ensure that no malicious content appears on their network. We highly recommend that you use a virus protection software, like McAfee along with a malware detecting DNS, like OpenDNS or a malware detecting program such as Malwarebytes while using the Internet to protect your private information.

That being said, you should refer to our terms of service that explains how we are not responsible or liable for any private information breach caused by any kind of code or software which was put in place on our server by a malicious third party without our knowledge.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at contact@TheTrumpTimes.com and we will try to address your issue.

* An HTTP request is the information your web browser sends to a website to request the web page you want to view.

** Cookies are unidentifiable information that allows a website to detect if you have visited them before and allows them to set preferences that enhance your experience on their website. It’s also how advertisers know how to show you advertisements from websites you have visited or have shown interest in through third party websites.


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