Mainstream Media Does it Again!

by Daveda Gruber: In a session of tweets, President Trump gave the public and the mainstream media his thoughts on the horror of school shootings. On Thursday Trump defended stopping a “savage sicko” from causing mass casualties, while also calling for gun control...

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Goodbye Rev. Graham: Heaven has Another Angel

By Cherlynn Costner Rev. Billy Graham got a one-way ticket to Heaven today.  God must have needed another angel.  It feels like an old uncle of the family just passed away. For decades, Graham traveled the world, bringing the Gospel to huge audiences attending his...

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Unions in a Panic as Gorsuch Seen as Pivotal Vote

by Daveda Gruber: Mark Janus could be a  potential constitutional game-changer but he is downplaying his role. He worked for years as an Illinois state employee. Janus pays about $550 annually to the powerful public-sector union known as AFSCME. Janus said, "I just...

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Paper Ballots: Less Rig-able?

The advantage of electronic voting was suppose to be the convenience and speed of computerizing they system from start to finish. After the long draw out investigation based on fear that Hillary could not have lost to Donald Trump unless someone else had rigged the election.

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Ignorance Knows No Fear

by Michael Duane Small: The Liberal agenda if known by the liberal public should scare the hell out them; but ignorance knows no fear! The constant attacks by the Liberal Media on both our President and the First Lady are all unfounded and based on hate and...

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Poverty Capitol of USA

There has finally been some movement to help Californians be protected from continuing the slide into 3rd world status thanks to the democrat leadership in Sacramento who apparently need their votes, as if the aliens will make it to the polling booths or be deported since they are not legally on Visa’s or earned the right to citizenship.

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Mueller Keeping Busy with Indictments

by Daveda Gruber: A lawyer connected to former Trump campaign adviser Rick Gates was charged on Tuesday. He was charged by prosecutors for FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe. Alex Van Der Zwaan was charged with lying to investigators during an interview...

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Trump Makes Obama Eat his Own Words!

by Daveda Gruber: The old saying, making someone 'eat their own words' came into play today. On Tuesday President Trump turned a 2016 quote from former President Barack Obama against him in the continuing battle over Russian interference in the election. Trump claimed...

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Does the FBI Need to be Cleaned Out?

by Daveda Gruber: The ghosts in the J. Edgar Hoover building to field offices around the country, must have turned to haunting some of the new and old members who work there. There is a crisis of confidence as rank-and-file agents and top brass are now in an on-going...

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