STRZOK: Speculation, Coincidence and Truth

by Jeffrey M. Gresio: The following information was derived from the Internet, YouTube and twitter, and pieced from several sources.  The sources include such names as Houstonic, Your News Wire, Star crossed wolf.  To be honest, I'm not sure who the original sources...

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Louie Gohmert – Like a BOSS!

by Jeffrey M. Gresio: I had some of my best chuckles yesterday watching the hearings into  Peter Strzok's e-mails and "supposed" biases into Presidential Loser, Hitlery Clinton, and her server investigation and President Trump's, obstruction and collusion with Russia....

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by On Point: FBI agent Peter Strzok was questioned in congress today and viciously attacked by the Republicans, but a surprising thing happened.  I believed initially, that he was evil and could not wait for the truth to come out and destroy him but as the day...

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Trump Gets a Letter from Kim

by Daveda Gruber: On Thursday President Trump said that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent him a “very nice note” on future relations between the United States and North Korea. Thias comes days after the Hermit Kingdom criticized “regrettable” talks with Secretary...

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Americans are Going to Die!

by Jeffrey M. Gresio: There they go again, with their drama and hyperbolizing.  If Trump gets his nomination for SCOTUS, Americans are going to die.  If we don't get Obamacare passed, Americans are going to die.  If we don't fix climate change, Americans are going to...

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by Jeffrey M. Gresio: Senator Chuck Schumer joined by Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee rallied at the Supreme Court in an effort to “save women’s reproductive rights", Tuesday.  They further claimed it was to preserve vital health care protections...

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Second SCOTUS Nominee Picked by Trump

by Daveda Gruber: On Monday night President Trump announced Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh as his nominee to replace the retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Kavanaugh, 53, is a graduate of Yale Law School and a former law clerk to Kennedy in 1993. He was...

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Hitlery and Blue Pill Bill Makeover

by Jeffrey M. Gresio: Hitlery Clinton and Bill were seen recently flying as your average typical Americans aboard a passenger plane.  Speculation immediately started that it was because the Clinton's are running low on funds. Myself personally, I dismiss that out of...

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American Border Patrol and the Fence

by Melissa Grable: I was invited to the American Border Patrol headquarters near the border fence with three AZ U.S. Senate candidates, one we have endorsed (Joe Arpaio), for a demonstration on how they protect our border. The American Border Patrol is a non-profit...

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World War “Q”

by Jeffrey M. Gresio: There is and has been a secret silent war raging between the Deep State Underground Shadow Government and True Blue Patriots within our Military.  This war is being waged between the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies, world wide, and those...

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by Jeffrey M. Gresio: Despite what the Leftist Media is telling us, we need tariffs to level the field in global trade.  America is being hindered in world markets while, America remains the number one consumer in the world.  All President Trump is seeking is fair and...

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Where’s the Evidence?

by Daveda Gruber: President Trump’s legal team has informed FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller that they want him to produce evidence that Trump has committed a crime before they agree for the president to be interviewed as part of Mueller’s Russia investigation. The...

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SCOTUS List Getting Shorter

by Daveda Gruber: The interview process for Supreme Court candidates had been completed by President Trump. Six judges were spoken to by Trump. The process is going quickly after an expected announcement on Monday. Trump is sprinting ahead with a pending decision to...

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