Do You Know Their Names?

by Wayne Simmes: It seems that every time that a young black person has an altercation with police their names become memorialized by marchers that take to the streets across the country deriding all police.  Names like Michael Brown and Dante Parker are etched into...

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Giuliani: Trump won’t Sit for Perjury Trap!

by Daveda Gruber: On Sunday Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's attorney, said, that that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia collusion is “rigged” and that investigators are focusing “on things that didn’t happen.” In the past few weeks Giuliani...

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LIBERAL DEMOCRATS I find the Liberal Democrats a very interesting group, especially in the way they view the world through rose colored glasses.  They usually have developed into what hey have become by being born into a privileged class, fairly well educated in the...

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When is a Spy not a Spy?

by Wayne Simmes: The news has been abuzz with President Trump’s assertion that the FBI had placed a spy within his campaign. If true one would think that it would be much worse than anything that happened with Richard Nixon and Watergate. Of course, the “intelligence”...

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Is the Door Still Open?

by Daveda Gruber: President Trump seems to know how to keep a door open, at least for now. Diplomacy is still on the table with North Korea. Trump welcomed the regime's latest “productive” statement. Trump said that the two sides are still talking following the...

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BOOM – VIDEO: The End of the Democrats is Here!

by Daveda Gruber: Eleven Republicans Ron DeSantis, Andy Biggs, Dave Brat, Jeff Duncan, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, Andy Harris, Jody Hice, Todd Rokita, Claudia Tenney, and Ted Yoho signed a joint letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. They are calling for the criminal...

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Is the President Always Right?

by Wayne Simmes: I know that you may find this unbelievable but I disagree with the President on something he has said. As much as it pains me to say this, every person is wrong occasionally. In fact, there are people who have expressed the idea that I am wrong about...

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BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Summit Cancelled by Trump

by Daveda Gruber: On Thursday President Trump cancelled the highly anticipated summit with North Korea. The summit was going to take place in Singapore on June 12th next month. Trump called the talks “inappropriate” following the “hostility” demonstrated in the latest...

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Is there a Blue Wave Coming?

by Wayne Simmes: We have heard it for months now. The Democrats are going to retake the House of Representatives this fall and may even retake the Senate. The latter seems doubtful since so many more Democrats than Republicans have to defend their seats in the Senate....

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Spying Claims Bring on a Twitter Storm

by Daveda Gruber: President Trump has been busy but he still has time for Twitter. A tweet storm started with Trump and James Comey, the former FBI director. Trump suggested that a forthcoming inspector general report will cause new problems for Comey. As he departed...

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