Photo of Ivanka Trump by Iowa Salon Triggers Hate

by Daveda Gruber: Why is is it necessary to display so much hate? Have Democrats lost all respect? After posting a photo of Ivanka Trump, an Iowa salon received major social media backlash this week. Ivanka Trump visited the store to get her hair styled before an...

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Was it Ever Alright for Open Sexual Abuse?

by Daveda Gruber: Hit sitcom “Mork & Mindy” co-star Pam Dawber says in an upcoming book that the late comedian, Robin Williams, loved to joke around on set and there were no shortage of sexual antics while filming. Dave Itzkoff has been writing a biography, set to be...

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BOOM: Austin Bomber Blown Up

by Daveda Gruber: A suspected serial bomber who terrorized Austin, Texas is dead. Two people were killed and many hurt as the city was in fear. Overnight Wednesday a man was blown up by a bomb  and was killed in a dramatic confrontation with police For three weeks,...

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Florida House Votes to Bring LIGHT Back to Schools

By Linda L Barton Every once and a while our elected officials do something that catches us by surprise. Unfortunately, those in the MSM did not feel the need to report what happened. I guess it didn't fit into their agenda. On Valentine’s Day last month, a crazed...

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Oops, This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

By Linda L Barton There have been shouts of strengthening the gun-control laws currently on the books from those on the far-left. They’ve even used frightened students in marches who are threatening to vote against ANY politician who supports the NRA in the upcoming...

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Facebook Data Sucked by Obama 2012 Campaign

by Daveda Gruber: Did you hear all the news media rants that President Trump's campaign used Facebook to help them win? It's kind of ironic that every time the Democrats try to blame Trump for something including the 'dossier, it seems to hit them back in the head...

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BREAKING NEWS: Shooting at Maryland High School

by Daveda Gruber: This is a BREAKING NEWS  story that is happening at this moment. On Tuesday morning, Great Mills High School in Maryland was on lockdown after a shooting. School officials have confirmed this but not much more. The situation is said to be contained...

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Job Offers from Dems to Hire McCabe Flood in

by Daveda Gruber: What a novel idea. Hire a man who has "lacked candor, and lied under oath on multiple occasions," words used by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and who fired FBI official Andrew McCabe. Democratic lawmakers are offering temporary jobs to the ousted...

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Another Explosion Leaves Austin Residents in Fear

by Daveda Gruber: The Texas capital is in fear as Austin responds to another blast. This one was possibly triggered by a trip wire. Sunday night two people on bicycles were injured. Police are frantically working to determine if the blast is linked to a trio of...

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Sheppard Smith Attacks Fox News Primetime Stars

By Linda L Barton Well, it looks as though Sheppard Smith, Fox News’ only liberal news anchor made the mistake of picking a fight with the Fox News biggest primetime stars. The afternoon anchor took a cheap shot at Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham but now that they...

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Shocking Prediction for U.S. Economy

By Linda L Barton New economic adviser Larry Kudlow made a stunning prediction about the U.S. economy. The good news is he believes the nation's economy is about to hit up to a 5% economic growth. Wow, isn’t that amazing considering all the doom and gloom told by...

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