Socialism or Capitalism: Which Do You Prefer?

by Wayne Simmes: In a recent poll, when asked the question, what type of government would you prefer, 44% of millennial's said they would prefer socialism and 42% said they would prefer capitalism. Surprisingly 7% said they would prefer to live under a Fascist...

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The Legalization of Domestic Propaganda

by Cherylynn Costner: There have been lots of questions about schools adding propaganda to the curriculum of teaching children in public elementary schools.  What about what the school boards are eliminating in the teachings.  What about truth in government and that...

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by Ruth Riddle: NOTE:  This article was written in collaboration with Karen Schweitzer. She is a former owner of a telemarketing company and a current consultant in that industry. She lives in Florida, and is a long-term Trump supporter. What did President Trump mean...

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Which Argument Makes More Sense?

by Wayne Simmes: A few days ago, a black conservative woman, (let that one sink in) was speaking in front of a group at UCLA at the request of a group whose agenda is exposing leftist lies and progressive propaganda. Candace Owens was attempting to speak when a group...

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Are You Tired of All the Winning?

by Wayne Simmes: During the 2016 Presidential campaign, one candidate not only stated that he would make America “great again” but that he would make America win again. In fact, he said, “We are gonna win so much you may even get tired of winning and you’ll say...

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Sean Hannity Takes off the Gloves!

Sean Hannity breaks down the possible charges that are expected to result once the criminal investigation into the salacious activities of Stormy Daniels fad away and she is left with the bill for attorney fees by the Obama Administration attorney whipping it up for political reasons at her expense.

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Giuliani Hopes to End Russia Probe

by Daveda Gruber: Rudy Giuliani has joined President Trump's legal team. The former New York City mayor and U.S. attorney has a personal relationship with the special counsel. Giuliani voiced confidence as the news broke that he'd been hired. Giuliani said that it...

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Are You Sexist or Racist?

by Wayne Simmes: I was listening to Glenn Beck the other day as I drove to the store. I did not catch too much of the conversation but enough to know that they were talking about the growing use of words like sexism and racism. Beck mentioned that Hillary Clinton has...

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Clinton Body Count 101

Cherylynn Costner: We recently learned that FBI Director James Comey knowingly advanced a false and fabricated Dossier to FISA Court to frame an innocent man, President Donald Trump, for crimes he had not in-fact-commit, on top of the that, he also exonerated Trump's...

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Pompeo Talks with Kim Jong Un in North Korea

by Daveda Gruber: Japanese President Shinzo Abe was visiting at Mar-a-Lago engaging in some very important talks with President Donald Trump. It was my great honor to host my friend @JPN_PMO @AbeShinzo and his delegation at Mar-a-Lago for the past two days. Lots...

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Could this Picture ‘Stormy’ has, be Tom Brady?

by Daveda Gruber: Let me get this straight. Mueller can't find Russian collusion. The anti-Trump people are upset. Now we have a porn-star claiming she had sex with President Trump twelve years ago, before he was president. She is also claiming a man she does not know...

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A Tangled Web of Corruption: Has Justice Died?

In the video, Hillary and Huma take a little girl and they fillet her face, according to reports, and then they take turns wearing the little girl’s face like a mask. It is believed they were terrorizing the young girl, deliberately causing the child’s body to release Adenochrome into her bloodstream before bleeding her out and drinking the blood during a Satanic ritual sacrifice.  Where is the FBI when we need them?

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