Let ’em Sleep with the Fishes

by Jason Kraus: Where do I begin? I’ve said many times over the last decade that the best days for America were always ahead. When the Individual is not constrained by oppressive forces all things are possible and there’s never been a greater example of personal...

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Gates Left Open – Authorities Avoided Confrontation

by: Daveda Gruber: A group of about one thousand migrants from Central America were able to get through the border that separates Guatemala and Mexico. Mexican authorities stood down on Friday and did not confront the group that is part of a larger caravan of migrants...

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Democrats Boycott Lunch with Trump

by: Daveda Gruber: It appears that Democrats don't like the White House lunch menu or maybe they just do not want to face truth at lunch time. On Tuesday Democrats in the House of Representatives rejected President Trump's invitation to a lunch meeting at the White...

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Targeted Violence Against Conservatives Appears Real

Liberal states may already be employing Killer Apps and or DEW Pyro-Terrorism toward silencing conservatives and suppessing republican Votes while inviting in illegals to dilute the American Votes.  Perhaps letting Hillary Clinton off the hook while fishing for anything at all against the sitting president gave them the idea that they can continue to rape, pillage and plunder with impunity.  The technology to do just this has been in existence for years and fire fighters have reported signatures of DEW in the conservative strong hold of Paridise, California. Just a coinsidence?

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Treasonous Traitors

by Jason Kraus: These days in America each week appears to have its own fits and starts. This seven day period was wrapped around the speech of one Donald J. Trump. Friends or strangers, the question that was asked of me the most was “Did you see President Trump’s...

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Acosta Makes Trump’s Case for a Border Barrier

by: Daveda Gruber: On Thursday Twitter was on fire with Tweets to CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Acosta flew to McAllen, Texas to make a point about a wall or barrier at our southern border. Nice idea but the mockery grew as social media had many who...

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She’s Back – Do You Remember Her?

by: Daveda Gruber: Do you remember former Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes? Well, she's back in the news! It appears that she has a Florida federal judge ruling in her favor over her suspension by former Governor and current Senator Rick Scott. Scott,...

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Opposite Sides – Who Do You Relate To?

by: Daveda Gruber: President Trump spoke to the American people from the Oval Office in his first direct message to the nation on Tuesday night. It cut into TV advertising dollars but the public who don't watch Trump rallies got to see him. The president looked calm...

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Trump to Speak to the Nation

by: Daveda Gruber: President Trump will go on Live TV tonight to share information with 'We the People'. Trump will speak from the Oval Office Tuesday night and deliver a message to the American people about border security. He'll talk about the wall he wants to build...

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Walls, Walls, Everywhere there’s Walls

by Jason Kraus: Walls, walls, everywhere there’s walls and yes they do work. In reference to the Wall or anything else requiring facts, The Libs continue to trot out the “expert” card. The “experts” say walls won’t keep foreign national law breaking combatants out....

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by: Daveda Gruber: There were some stressful moments in the White House this past week. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had a major disagreement over border security. Nielson was giving an in depth presentation on border...

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