McCabe the First to Fall as the Domino’s Go Down

by Daveda Gruber: I knew it would happen. I predicted it. Andrew McCabe is the first to fall. President Trump declared that multiple federal reports show “corruption at the highest level,” as he referred to Andrew McCabe a 'choirboy'. Trump tweeted: Andrew McCabe...

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Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe FIRED!

By Linda L Barton BREAKING NEWS! It has just been reported that Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was fired. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the decision in a statement just before 10 pm Friday night, noting that both the Justice Department Inspector General...

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All Marriages don’t Last

by Daveda Gruber: Divorce comes from all sorts of situations in a marriage. Pressure that causes stress is one of them. On Thursday in New York City, Vanessa Trump filed for divorce from her husband, President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.. The New York Post,...

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Guns are Less Dangerous than Cellphones

by Eric Fahrenthold: Lately there seems to be a lot of media attention focused on the safety of children in the American school system. The media is correct about one thing, I am terrified more and more each day when my children leave the house they will be injured or...

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Why Can’t Senator Jeff Flake Just GO AWAY?

By Linda L Barton What is going on in the great state of Arizona? While President Trump is working hard to Make America Great Again, he is forced to deal with the two GOP Senators from Arizona on a regular basis. First, Senator McCain rode into town after a medical...

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More Senseless Death: FBI Drops the Ball Again

By Linda L Barton After the Florida High School shooting last month that ended the lives of seventeen innocent souls, many have questioned those in local law enforcement, all the way up to the FBI, and how they did not act to stop the shooter from doing his deadly...

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Will Saudi Arabia Get Nuclear Weapons?

by Daveda Gruber: Saudi Arabia does not want to sit still if Iran succeeds in developing a nuke. On Thursday, the Saudi crown prince said, Saudi Arabia will build a nuclear bomb "as soon as possible" if Iran, another Middle Eastern giant, succeeds in developing its...

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