Man Plots to Kill Steeler Players and Fans

by Daveda Gruber: A threat was made by a man from Texas man to kill members of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the team's fans. The alleged threats were made by Yuttana Choochongkol, 30. The man has been arrested. He made the threats in communications to a Pittsburgh...

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North Korean Missile False Alarm or Wake Up Call?

The words “ballistic missile” is scary in its self, you are starting to hear those words more and more from the White House and North Korea. Just hours ago Hawaii got a North Korea Missile scare with messages over their T.V.’s, and some cell phones stating that there...

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I Won’t Go To San Francisco – I Might Step In It

by RK Horton: San Francisco need not worry about me bringing any of MY business there!  I thought it was hilarious when Moonbeam Brown decided to exclude Tennessee from any California business dealings.  Now why would any of us, who pick up our dog's poo, want to come...

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False Alarm in Hawaii

Well, it looks as though the people of Hawaii had quite a scare earlier today when an Alert Message was sent out to their phones of an incoming ballistic missile. Thousands of people believed they were under attack with an incoming nuclear warhead headed their way and...

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by Ruth Riddle: The current activity on the Trump Wall is the building of prototypes, for which $20 million was appropriated in 2017. Six contractors (out of 2000 bids) were awarded about $3.5 million to build eight prototypes. The prototypes are being tested by the...

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Dead Girls Don’t Talk

All along the corruption could have stopped with the first complaint. They know Trump wants to Drain the Swamp and they are in the fight of their lives because if all Americans back him up Trump is likely to succeed, even in Hollywood, California.

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Kentucky is Making People Earn Medicaid

by Daveda Gruber: Many Medicaid recipients in the Bluegrass State will be working to receive coverage. Kentucky becomes the first state to act on the Trump administration’s unique change in how people get healthcare. This could affect millions of low-income people...

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Shithole: A Blue Collar Phrase

by Ken Bliss: Shithole, not the most politically correct phrase in the English language.   Main Stream Media (MSM) are really ramping it up over the blue collar term, shithole. (Everyone I can think of has used this term.) The MSM reaction is the death throes of ...

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21 Held as Immigration Agents Raid 98 Stores

By J.krishna moorthi U.S. immigration agents raided nearly 100 7-eleven convenience stores nationwide on Wednesday arresting 21 people suspecting of being in the country illegally and giving owners a tight deadline to prove other employees are authorized to work. The...

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Shithole vs. Shit Show…Tomatoes vs. Tomatos

by Lanny Carruthers: Who said “Shit Show”?  That would be President Barack Hussein Obama. “So we actually executed this plan as well as I could have expected: We got a UN mandate, we built a coalition, it cost us $1 billion—which, when it comes to military operations,...

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