Why is Facebook Blocking this List of Sealed Indictments?

Why is Facebook Blocking this List of Sealed Indictments?

by Kathy Crest: Censorship has become Facebook’s primary concern and they seem to be determined to block a list of sealed indictments that is being shared all over the internet. When I attempted to post them today, I received notification that my information was...
Upset Saturday

Upset Saturday

by Wayne Simmes: In the NFL they call it any given Sunday, meaning that no one should be surprised if an also-ran beats one of the league’s elites. In college football it is called upset Saturday. When the day started there were two teams safely entrenched at...

Critical Theory: Psychological Subterfuge how “Fake News” Became Fake

Being wary of getting into an overgeneralization or false dichotomy, ostensibly, each statement made by the news is either “fake news” or it is not. What are the other possibilities? and when did the news become fake? News should first be believable and...

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