‘Respectable’ News Outlet Investigates Ilhan Omar — Finally!

A typically left-leaning main stream media source finally got around to taking a look at the serious allegations that Ilhan Omar has been sidestepping for years.

Managing to stay one step ahead of criminal charges, Omar has paid fines and penalties for numerous civil violations. All without saying anything that explains the basis for the accusations.

The Star Tribune, Minnesota’s leading news outlet, is a “legitimate” enough source to get around all those pesky Google and Facebook “fact checkers” and censors. After years of simmering controversy, it seems they were shamed into actually writing a story today.

Their story begins: “New investigative documents released by a state agency have given fresh life to lingering questions about the marital history of Rep. Ilhan Omar and whether she once married a man — possibly her own brother — to skirt immigration laws.”

The reporters who have been sounding the alarm bells since day one are understandably miffed.

“Virtually everything in today’s Star Tribune story derives from the work of Preya Samsundar and David Steinberg. David Steinberg is an investigative reporter who has badly beaten the Star Tribune in the traditional work of journalism, though you would never know it from the Star Tribune story and the story hasn’t come close to catching up with the depth of Steinberg’s reporting. There is nevertheless progress of a kind here — Omar’s spokesman suggests that the Star Tribune is ‘colluding’ with us.”

Scott Johnson from Powerline has been doing an in depth series probing into Omar’s state campaign finance board paperwork in an attempt to “embarrass the Star Tribune into covering it.” Apparently, it worked.

The headline on their story reads, “New documents revisit questions about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marriage history.”

As was previously reported, “Omar filed fraudulent tax returns in 2014 and 2015 with a man who was not her husband (Ahmed Hirsi) while she was married to another man (Ahmed Nur Said Elmi), if that marriage was legal.” Elmi is alleged to be Omar’s brother.

Omar has been keeping her mouth glued shut ever since the questions started flying. As Johnson remarks:

“Omar isn’t talking. Her family isn’t talking. They are buttoned up tighter than a Mafia clan. Omar refused to respond to the Star Tribune or to produce a single document that would answer any relevant question.”

The questions the Star Tribune finally got around to asking included, “a request to talk to her siblings and father.”

“Omar declined to do so. Hirsi did not reply to multiple calls, texts and e-mails. Social media posts indicate Elmi is in Africa. He did not respond to multiple e-mails.”

So if breaking the law by allegedly marrying her brother to allegedly break immigration laws were not ironic enough for a lawmaker, Omar went on Twitter today to stand up for Iran as a victim of President Donald Trump’s “aggression.”

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4 Replies to “‘Respectable’ News Outlet Investigates Ilhan Omar — Finally!”

  1. president TRUMP is Avery interesting man , I am fascinated following all I can about what he does . build the wall

  2. This Muslim lady no offense is an idiot she’s not only allocated herself in the scandal like this but quite a few others what does it take to impeach such an idiot and if this is true and she married her brother to try and stay in this country and they need to throw her ass out first and foremost


  4. Not reporting “faith tradition” marriages to the State of Minnesota may be wide spread, and one of the reasons is a single mom with kids receives more housing subsidies than a married mom with kids.

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