By Cherylynn Costner

When it comes to gender identity, America has always been a feminine “Her.”  As Americans, she is our national Mother.  It felt like she was sick and dying having the life choked out of her, slowly but surely, the lights were going out.  Then came along a person who loved her so much, he was willing to take a job so impossible, that who in their right mind would want to take a job like this?

That is what it would take for Donald Trump to make America great again.   He had to become the mother who devotes his life, love, and liberty, with Melania at his side through thick and thin, giving of themselves and restoring the American Dream.  The pursuit of Happiness was not meant to be a figure of speech!

What a first year it has been.  We’ve not only learned who Fred Trump was in Brooklyn and that he had a son he named Donald. We now also know how many scoops of ice cream his adorable little boy wanted when everybody else only got one.

Judge Pirro News has put the best documentary out.  We know more about the 45th President’s life than any other in history, and we know what he is thinking when he thinks it.  Not after the public information officer prints it out or scripts it, but as his finger types it to Twitter to connect in real time with you and me, putting front and center in high and low times.

He is our friend and co-pilot as we lift America back onto her feet and rest our hands over our hearts and pledge allegiance to our beautiful flag, the Mother of Liberty and Justice for all!

Even after the over 50  million dollars was spent on fabricating crimes to find something illegal about Trump, the best yet has been to find a woman to claim she had sex with him and accepted money to keep quiet and then she used the payment as grounds to talk to anyone who would listen.  The fact that she is famous for her vivid explicit sex on camera in XXX Rated films that is not really new being that the 44th’s mother was also a porn actress.

The hard truth is, no pun intended, that is how babies are made, so if you have a Mother then she had sex, or you would not be here.  So that is a given.  But life is made up of so much more than who, when or why your mother did the hot moment of love and passion that sparked life into making your human life.

Now that the like of Stephanie Clifford has come into every home as a Storm of Let’s Tell All, then why not do just that?  Would you like to hear the whole story about the porn star in the last presidency, the mother of Barack Obama?

If Stormy Daniels has gotten the Left to loosen up on women trying to make enough money to put their kids through college any way they can, then they might be ready to let us learn the history of how she brought her little one up!

World Net Daily reported:

“In a legal action, handled largely by Gary Kreep of the U.S. Justice Foundation, officials at Occidental College were served with a demand to produce records concerning Barack Obama’s attendance there during the 1980s because they could document whether he was attending as a foreign national.”

When Mr. Kreep petitioned Occidental demanding the Obama records, Obama’s lawyers managed to have the petition thrown out. Hence, Obama’s Occidental College transcripts and financial records remain sealed. Then in 1991 when Obama’s literary agent published a booklet that listed Obama as having been “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii” the “foreign national” controversy was reignited. No wonder!

Unseal Barack Hussein Obama’s records.  President Trump has the power to write an Executive Order to release the secret documents now sealed under lock and key.  Diane Feinstein explains at 3:55 into this video why it is essential for Gina Haspel, and indeed, the influential position of the POTUS ranks as high as a CIA Director, right?

Let’s see what is Under the Cover! Unseal Obama’s Records for Mother’s Day!!!

How exciting for a woman being nominated for CIA Director over Mother’s Day weekend!!  America is over 200 years old, and we finally have women in influential positions throughout D.C.

Kellyanne Conway got President Trump elected, and Sarah Sanders has taken the mic in the White House Press Room.  She is our first press secretary who is a mother of a small child while holding the title.  Kellyanne is also a mother of 4, including twins and was the first woman to win a presidential campaign as a manager.

It would be wonderful to welcome Ms. Haspel in as another groundbreaker to roll up her sleeves and help make America fit for children and growing families once again.

It is great to have a woman who has become a Super First Lady and puts being a Mother First!  Melania put Barron’s education before moving him to the White House when they got the keys.  She is a beautiful woman inside and out and sharing her concept of Be Best as a national treasure to children all over America who may not have the same opportunity Barron has from his parents.

Love Your Mother in her old age.  God Bless America, Land of the Brave!

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  Share this with mothers in your life and spread the love!  Oh yeah, and if you want to see Obama’s records like the rest of us do, help encourage the President to EO then Unsealed.  There is a special form if you can let him know why knowing the truth about the last president matters to you.  You might be the person who inspires him to do the right thing, and finally, learn who the 44th Prez really is!!

Have a Happy Mother’s Day America!!


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