Kamala Harris Under Fire For Her Anti-Gun Plans

2020 Democratic Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris is at loggerheads with the National Rifle Association of America, after the NRA criticized her anti-gun positions through their “lobbying” arm, the Institute for Legislative Action.

On Friday, the NRA-ILA put out an article attacking Harris’s anti-gun platform, as well as gun control efforts of the Democratic Party in general, which has become radically anti-Second Amendment.

The group called her out for pandering to the most anti-gun extremists in her party. The article specifically mentions her proposal to ban AR-15 “assault weapons,” as well her call for universal background checks — which do not prevent determined criminals from getting guns. They simply shop on the black market to circumvent the new laws.

Kamala Harris has hit back against the NRA on the campaign trail before, and criticized President Donald Trump for his pro-Second Amendment stances. Earlier this year, Harris spelled out her anti-Second Amendment scheme. Her plan includes banning the importation of AR-15 “assault weapons,” which has already been done.

The proposal also plans to go after “gun manufacturers and dealers who break the law,” proposing to do what every President has the power to do and has done. Nothing new there.

The most troublesome of her proposals is a plan to use executive action to implement new restrictions on the legal transfer of firearms. This means that as president, Harris would define “dealer” as anyone who sells five or more guns in a year, and who would then have to conduct background checks on all sales. Would she be able to do this legally? No.

What she has proposed cannot be achieved, since she would be crippled by existing federal law, at least as far as what she would be able to do through executive order. She can try to do what she proposes, but it wouldn’t withstand scrutiny under the constitution and many other federal statutes.

“Big surprise: Kamala Harris is anti-gun. What she doesn’t seem to realize is that most of her gun control policies either wouldn’t work or are already law, or basically make no sense.” The NRA tweeted on Saturday.

Senator Harris responded with a fundraising email to supporters, in which she spewed forth the same anti-gun diatribe, with attacks on the so called gun lobby. Their mission, she says, is to “defeat any politician who has the courage to stand up to them and present any real solution to the gun violence epidemic.”

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What are those “real solutions?” Well, if we are to read her proposals above, they are to further restrict law abiding American citizens of their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Kamala Harris, who has been polling in fourth place, has been downplaying Iowa and New Hampshire and is focusing on South Carolina and Nevada. Possibly, because she has concluded that the early states might be unwinnable. She might be hoping that her pandering to anti-gun extremists could help strengthen her polling position and energize her campaign going into the first caucuses and primaries.

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