Clinton Connected Hollywood Donor Facing Human Trafficking and Pornography Charges

Ed Buck has a lot of LGBTQ political influence, especially with California Rep. Ted Lieu. He’s also known to be chummy with Hillary Clinton and Adam Schiff. He donates tens of thousands of dollars to the Democratic Party, but the real party is over at his West Hollywood apartment.

Ed Buck, it seems, has some unusual interests, black men, underwear and lots and lots of drugs. Two men have died under “interesting” circumstances in his apartment, a year and a half apart, but the prosecutor hasn’t charged him in connection with either of the deaths, claiming “not enough evidence.”

What the coroner’s report says is: “a gay porn film was playing and a cabinet was filled with sex toys, syringes and what paramedics described as ‘suspected methamphetamine.'”

They also found “containers of men’s underwear.” That notation refers to Buck’s alleged fetish. Photos that were taken in Buck’s apartment have surfaced “that show young black men trying on various types of tight white underwear.”

Similar to what the Goldman family had to do after the prosecutor botched the O.J. Simpson trial, the family of one of Buck’s victims filed a civil wrongful death suit. The lawyers were recently back in court to add some additional charges.

Gemmel Moore was discovered dead from an overdose of methamphetamine in July of 2017. The body was naked on a mattress in Ed Buck’s living room, which was described as “littered with drug paraphernalia.”

According to the amendment filed by Moore’s mother, LaTisha Nixon, Buck engaged in “human trafficking,” and “revenge porn.” Buck is accused of “making and sharing a video of his alleged ‘meth-fueled sexual encounters’ with Moore.

The lawyers explain the trafficking charges stem out of the fact that Buck “knowingly utilized interstate commerce for the purpose of recruiting, enticing and transporting” Moore across state lines from Texas to Los Angeles, in order to commit “commercial sex acts.” Buck apparently “paid for Moore’s transportation and promised to pay Moore for the rendezvous.”

They also claim District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Deputy District Attorney Craig Hum refused “to impartially prosecute white people for their felonious criminal acts against Black victims and survivors.”

Lacy took out an op-ed in the Los Angeles Blade to explain his side of it last March. He points out that in order to have a criminal prosecution, you need “clear evidence that a crime has occurred.” The evidence needs to be strong enough to convince a jury.

The problem was that nobody was around besides Buck and his victim. “When there is no independent witness nor other corroborating evidence that another person was responsible for a death, prosecutors have few options.”

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Jasmyne Cannick, speaking for the family, told reporters the amendment came about from “information we received from other victims of Ed Buck that Ed Buck loves to take pictures of these young men, loves to take videos of them in their inebriated state.”

Buck’s lawyer, Seymour Amster, prefers to “reserve our comment to our court filings” but assures, they “will be aggressively litigating this.”

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