What Ever Happened To Political ‘Civility?’

Watching the democraps histrionics in Congress, one is left to wonder, what exactly has happened to our country. It’s painfully obvious that we’ve entered a bizarro world, big time.

Do you remember a time, ever, that the “loyal” opposition has gone so thoroughly off the rails? With the complicit lamestream media, the democraps have eschewed any semblance of governing — not to mention, any semblance of sanity! They’re not even pretending that they aren’t on a witch hunt! Their abject terror at the prospect of Donald J. Trump being re-elected in 2020 is matched only by their viciousness in trying to unseat him.

There used to be a time in this country when politicians disagreed in a civil manner, a la Tip O’Neil and Ronald Reagan, where the good of America was the prime motivating factor. To be sure, there were serious policy differences, but those always seemed to be resolved through debate, discussion or some other accommodation.

As well, the media might have had a liberal or democratic bent, but at least most of what they reported had a little of both points of view. We trusted the news media and we trusted our political leaders to do what was right for America. Fast forward 35 years.

The country is more divided than ever (thank you Barack Obama). The news media has become an adversarial shill for the demoncrat party, our primary schools have replaced education with indoctrination.

Our colleges are turning out anti-American radicals who are hell bent on erasing not only southern history, but all white history, including banning literary classics from Mark Twain and Laura Ingalls Wilder, covering works of art depicting Christopher Columbus, Puritan ancestors and even trying to get founding fathers like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson banned because they owned slaves!!!

Where are the adults in this scenario? Where are the people who will stand up and say, ENOUGH!

Certainly not the Democrat party. In addition to cheering on this political idiocy they have gone so far to the left that they now embrace America-hating radical jihadists, avowed socialists and communists, and made a mockery of their constitutional responsibilities. Basically, democrats have become the anti American party.

So, too, the idea of equal justice under the law has become a sad, ongoing, joke to any thinking individual.

Political correctness, which was cute thirty years ago because no one really took it seriously, has become the cause celebre of the elite. Hollywood, colleges, the media and every social justice warrior have jumped on the speech censorship bandwagon.

Reason, critical thinking, truth, reality… none of it means a damn thing once one of these shrieking harpies labels you a “white male.” As if marginalizing anything you have to say, simply for being white and a male, excludes you from having a valid opinion!

If shrieking is all you come away with, count yourself lucky. Especially considering the impunity with which “social justice warriors” and other leftists feel it’s okay to physically assault people with differing political views.

Why do we recipients of this violence not respond in kind? Why doesn’t law enforcement step in when people, vehicles and property are destroyed by violent leftist mobs?

Because the political elite agree with that type of behavior. Before President Trump, that is.

As I mentioned before, America has really gone off the rails. I wonder how long before the wheels fall off? Something bad is coming, but that’s just one man’s opinion.

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