Police Officers Are People Too

In Minnesota, a police officer was dispatched to a call for a welfare check. After he made sure the elderly woman was safe and in good health, he noticed her lawn was overgrown and in need of attention.

When Officer Matt Siltala with the Orono police asked her why it was so overgrown, she said she could not mow it herself and didn’t have anyone to help her. The officer then grabbed her lawn mower and went far “above and beyond” his normal duty.

After his precinct learned of Officer Siltala’s good deed, they just had to post it on Facebook, CNN reports, along with a photo snapped by his partner. Their fellow officers couldn’t help adding a little dig in with the photo.

“I cannot say how proud stuff like this makes us. Not sure why Officer McCoy, who took the picture, couldn’t grab the trimmer.”

The comments came pouring in.

“Kindness and compassion needs to be taught from a young age. Love wins again,” reads one.

“Thank you to the officer who took the time to help this lady out. Remember everyone, you will be elderly some day,” said another.

Somebody should buy them some donuts. With all the demonization of police officers in the media today, when we hear of police officers doing something like this it stuns many people. But these events are more common than you think.

Police officers are no different than anyone else they have a desire to better their communities and protect people. We need more reports of the good that police do and less of the bad.

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