No, The Helicopter Crash In NYC Was NOT Terrorism

Yesterday, at around at 1:43 in the afternoon, a helicopter crashed on the roof of a 54-story high-rise building in Manhattan.

The facts clearly indicate either pilot error, weather conditions, mechanical failure (or all of them) was what caused the crash. Sources told Fox News that “the helicopter experienced mechanical failure and had to make an emergency landing on the roof.”

Right away, the liberal New York media started panicking the public with reports of possible terrorism. Local station NBC4 reported, “People had no idea why they were rushing to evacuate after the chopper went into the roof of the Manhattan building, with some fearing terrorism as they made their way down narrow stairwells.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke what was on everyone New Yorker’s mind right after the disaster:

“If you’re a New Yorker, you have a level of PTSD… from 9/11. I remember that morning all too well. So, as soon as you hear an aircraft hit a building, I think my mind goes where every New Yorker’s mind goes.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio wanted to reassure reporters:

“There is no indication at this time that this was an act of terrorism. There is no ongoing threat to New York City based on all the information we have right now.”

The building was evacuated, and the fire department was called in to extinguish the fire. There wasn’t much left of the helicopter as it was almost destroyed during the impact. As the New York Fire Department relates, the pilot, Tim McCormack, died in the crash and no passengers were on board.

The director at the Linden Airport, Paul Dudley, described McCormack as:

“A well-respected, highly trained veteran pilot who also had tremendous local knowledge, having flown in this area for many years. “We’re all saddened and shocked.”

The FAA is currently looking into whether the helicopter had proper clearance to take off. Because of the heavy air traffic in the vicinity of where the crash occurred, authorities designate it as “class B.” Regulations require that any air traffic within class B airspace must be in contact with air traffic control and have explicit clearance to fly.

The National Transportation Safety Board is starting an investigation of the crash to determine exactly why the helicopter went down. The pilot apparently took off from the 34th Street Heliport on Manhattan’s east side and was headed for Linden airport in New York, which is still within Class B airspace. The location of the crash is coincidentally within half a mile of Trump Tower, which has had a “Temporary Flight Restriction” (TFR) in place since 2016.

To enter that vicinity, Mayor de Blasio notes, “the pilot would have needed approval from the air traffic control tower at LaGuardia Airport across the East River in Queens, and we need to find out if that happened.”

The conditions at the time were not ideal, it was raining and there were very low clouds. Also, it was likely that turbulence and “wind shear” were both a factor due to the high-rise buildings.

New York City is notoriously liberal. If the democrat inhabitants are so terrified of terrorists, why do they fight so hard to prevent President Donald Trump from properly securing our borders? Especially after reports that ISIS made at least one attempt to sneak jihadists across from Mexico by exploiting the well worn migration route.

As reported by Trump Times, last month security researchers interviewed a Canadian born ISIS terrorist, Abu Henricki al Canadi

After their interrogation, Homeland Security Today came to the conclusion that “there was at least one ISIS plot for their cadres to travel from Syria to penetrate the U.S. southern border by infiltrating migration routes.”

“Whatever one thinks of President Donald Trump’s heightened rhetoric about the U.S.- Mexico border and his many claims that it is vulnerable to terrorists, ISIS apparently also thought so.”

Al Canadi confessed that “ISIS wanted to transport him first to Puerto Rico. From there he was supposed to take a boat to Mexico, then sneak into the United States.” His ultimate target was to be financial attacks to cripple the [U.S.] economy.”

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