California Makes History — Approves More Freebies For Illegals

California still hasn’t learned their lesson. The state which used to have the strongest economy in the country is now near the bottom, with outbreaks of medieval diseases and record homelessness.

To accelerate their race to the bottom, California will now be the first state in America to pay full healthcare benefits to illegal immigrants.

The scheme is part of California’s plan to spend $213 billion dollars of both state and federal taxpayer money over the next year. It means that no matter where you live, you’re now paying for illegal immigrants to get free healthcare.

There are some restrictions though. According to U.S. News and World Report, this program will only be extended to “low-income adults between the ages of 19 and 25 living in California illegally.” They will now “be eligible for California’s Medicaid program.”

This plan is the brainchild of Democrat state Senator Holly Mitchell, representing Los Angeles, who defends the added expense with standard liberal logic:

“California believes that health is a fundamental right.”

Many Los Angeles police officers wonder if health is so important to the city’s lawmakers, why haven’t the rats been removed from their police station and the garbage in the streets hauled away.

In the Golden State, Medicaid is a joint state and federal health insurance program covering the poor and disabled. It’s estimated that there will be around 90,000 people eligible for this program, expected to cost $98 million per year. However, the actual number of illegal immigrants could exceed those estimates, and it seems likely that more illegals will be attracted by California’s sanctuary style policy and numbers will continue to grow.

By adding incentive for working age migrants to come to this country illegally, undocumented immigrants will flock to California just to take advantage of the free healthcare, further burdening the already overloaded system.

California is showing the country just how bad liberal policies are and this new policy will be no different. This plan was originally supposed to include illegal immigrants 65 and older but even the state’s far leftist Governor, Gavin Newsom, argued it would be too expensive.

California is desperately trying to bring back the failed Obama policy Obamacare. They will be applying a healthcare mandate to their citizens and heavily taxing those that do not have health insurance.

This plan further demonstrates the left’s disregard for American citizens. They are willing to tax law abiding American citizens so that money can be given to people who are here illegally.

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