WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Video Altered To Cover Up Her Ignorance

New York Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can’t seem to understand that in order to “charge” someone for a crime, there needs to be a law first.

Caught making a fool of herself on video, her supporters associated with NowThis, described by one conservative news site as “a radically far-left propaganda outlet,” misleadingly edited out the embarrassing parts in an obvious attempt to make her look smarter than she is.

Ocasio-Cortez, who has been described lately as “single-handedly putting an end to dumb blonde jokes,” can’t get it through her head that before anyone can be charged with “domestic terrorism,” Congress needs to write a law defining it as a crime. Until then, suspects are generally charged with “hate crimes,” which there is a law against.

That was patiently explained to her, repeatedly, by FBI Assistant Director of Counterterrorism Michael McGarrity.

In cases like the Pulse nightclub shooting, which AOC refers to in the hearing, ties to foreign terrorists would have allowed Omar Mateen to be charged as a foreign terrorist, if he hadn’t been killed by police while resisting arrest.

Political analyst Ryan Saavedra pointed out her ignorance on Twitter, along with a copy of the original footage. It started a seemingly endless thread of comments and replies. You can view the entire conversation here.

One of the best comments was posted by Jennifer Anderson. “The FBI official was very polite when he told her ‘we are talking past each other.’ Translation: ‘I can’t believe the stupidity that sits before my eyes.'”

Conservatives aren’t holding their breath that Hillary Clinton will call out NowThis for the deception even though she came unglued when President Donald Trump simply shared a video of Nancy Pelosi recently that turned out to have been altered. No, there’s no double standard in Washington.

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