Sen. Cory Booker Makes SICK Comparison To Trump’s Border Policy And Holocaust [VIDEO]

Democratic Senator Cory Booker, representing the state of New Jersey, was caught on video making a sick and twisted comparison between President Donald Trump’s border security policies and an episode which happened during the Holocaust in the 1930’s.

It seems that Democrats will go to any length and say anything that might get their soundbites aired on the liberal network media. Booker’s latest comment underscores exactly why he is polling at the bottom of the field of Democrat 2020 contenders for the White House.

If it was up to him, Senator Booker would open up the borders to anyone wishing to enter the country, even if they are murderers or terrorists.

Booker is trying cast the president as racist and obsessed with sealing the borders, not because we are being overwhelmed by what amounts to an invasion, but because the invaders have brown skin.

“This is why knowing history is so important,” Booker asserts, adding that President Trump, “was trying to make us afraid of people coming to the southern border with brown skin.”

He wanted to say something shocking to back that up, so it would get lots of airplay. It will, but the attention isn’t going to work in his favor.

“… [Trump] wants to make us afraid of people wanting to come here, escaping terror, not remembering when we turned away other immigrants trying to escape terror. There was a ship that came here during World War II with a bunch of folks trying to escape the Holocaust, and we turned it around where they got killed in the Holocaust.”

First off, President Trump wasn’t in office when the M.S. St. Louis incident occurred. Second, Cuba and Canada also turned down the refugees. Another thing Booker got wrong is that most of the passengers eventually were taken in by European countries. Perhaps Senator Booker should read a little history.

The Holocaust encyclopedia describes the reasoning behind the U.S. decision not to accept the passengers. It boiled down to the fact that to help these Jews, other Jews already in line would have to suffer. At the time, the American public was behind the decision.

“Quotas established in the US Immigration and Nationality Act of 1924 strictly limited the number of immigrants who could be admitted to the United States each year. In 1939, the annual combined German-Austrian immigration quota was 27,370 and was quickly filled. In fact, there was a waiting list of at least several years.”

“US officials could only have granted visas to the St. Louis passengers by denying them to the thousands of German Jews placed further up on the waiting list. Public opinion in the United States, although ostensibly sympathetic to the plight of refugees and critical of Hitler’s policies, continued to favor immigration restrictions.”

Every day, we hear news reports about the record numbers of “migrants” jumping our porous southern border, while Democrats in congress continue to fight for total amnesty. Not only do open borders advance the overall globalist new world order agenda, virtually every illegal is unlawfully given a chance to vote in our elections, and they seem to always vote Democrat.

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  1. How is it that Senator Cory Booker maintains an apartment in the Newark projects ? Born to wealth and privilege and raised in Harrington Park,NJ . Lets expose Booker for the liar he truly is. Lets bag this turd in a punchbowl.

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