America’s ‘Most Prolific’ Serial Killer Adds Five More To The Count

On Friday, the man who federal authorities are now calling the “deadliest serial killer in U.S. history” added two more victims to his grisly statistics.

Only a week before, he admitted to killing another three. All five of the recently disclosed murders happened in the state of Ohio, but Samuel Little left a trail of death all across America.

Little was born and raised in the northeastern Ohio town of Lorain. After his initial 2012 arrest in Louisville, Kentucky, police would eventually learn just how extensive his killing career really was. The latest five bring his total to over 90 known victims, strangled in at least 19 separate states between the 1980’s and 2005.

The Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway, previously held the title after admitting 71 slayings.

79-year-old Little agreed to plead guilty and trade information about the crimes to avoid the death penalty. He is currently serving three consecutive life sentences in California, but probably won’t be around much longer, suffering from heart disease and diabetes. Police relate that he has trouble remembering the names of the women he killed.

Louisville police had no idea what they would uncover when they first arrested Little at a homeless shelter.

He was running from drug charges in California, so was immediately extradited. Once he arrived, his DNA was matched up with three unsolved murders dating back to the 1980’s which are the crimes he is currently in jail for.

Little has drawn “haunting sketches” of numerous victims, all of whom he killed using the same method.

Hamilton County, Ohio Prosecutor Joseph Deters relates:

“He strangled them. That is the way he enjoyed his pleasure. He specifically looked for girls with a certain neck type. That’s how twisted this guy is.”

Deters notes that serial murderers are something most people have trouble understanding.

“The reality is they have a compulsion to kill people. They’re not insane, they’re nothing but evil.”

According to prosecutors,

“Little was a shoplifter by day. At night, he spied on troubled neighborhoods and targeted women who were homeless, prostitutes or addicted to drugs. Targets that no one would miss.”

The most recently named victim is Anna Lee Stewart, aged 33 when she was killed, back in October of 1981. An unidentified woman was the second victim also murdered around the same time.

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