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Hillary Clinton Calls Bernie Sanders ‘A Sore Loser, Who’ll Burn The Place Down’

Hillary Clinton had nothing nice to say about Communist candidate Bernie Sanders, claiming that he’s a sore loser and will ‘burn the place down’ if he loses a district in the election.

Of course, Hillary Clinton and her idiotic revisionist history was met with scorn, cries of hypocrisy and ‘Hillary being Hillary’ ridicule.

Clinton’s comments were included in a Page Six article by Cindy Adams after an off-the-record conversation between the pair.

Adams said Clinton has

“No good words about no good Bernie Sanders. Stuff like: Anyone overtaking him in a district considered him, he’ll burn the place down.”

The women with 1000 excuses for losing to Donald Trump in 2016, Hillary Clinton has long been accused of being the real sore loser.

She has repeatedly blamed Sanders, the Russians, the FBI, some hackers in countries we can’t pronounce, Barack Obama, the media, Green candidate Jill Stein, the color purple, dogs and cats sleeping together, and of course Donald Trump replacing the Javits Center glass ceiling with bulletproof Plexiglas that thwarted her celebrating being crowned ‘Queen of America’.

Hillary Clinton As Delusional As Ever

Despite the fact that Wikileaks clearly showed that the Democratic National Committee were Clinton Cohorts, and John Podesta’s emails revealed how the Clinton campaign thought Bernie Sanders was nothing but an ass clown.

Add to the fact that CNN looked the other way as their commentator Donna Brazile, whose day job happened to be chairman of the DNC passed throat lozenges wrapped in debate questions to Hillary.

I can’t recall Bernie Sanders ever telling his supporters who donated millions of dollars to him on a rigged election, anything like “F**K Hillary Don’t Vote For That conniving two-faced cheating Biotch!”

After Bernie Sanders lost, or rather had the 2016 Democratic primary election stolen by the Clinton cabal, Sanders endorsed her.

In fact, Bernie Sanders backing her, and not telling Hillary Clinton To “Go F**k yourself and that white Unicorn you rode in on” actually angered many his Bernie Sanders supporters.

For Hillary Clinton to cry that Bernie Sanders, who embarked on a multi-state campaigning marathon, showing up at 39 rallies in 13 states in three months, a sore loser, is beyond idiotic.

It also shows that Hillary may want to purchase a new dictionary because the one she’s been reading while wandering around a forest in Upstate New York pretty much sucks.

Don’t quote me on this but I believe Bernie Sanders even went to Wisconsin to do Hillary’s bidding, something that she never did because as a CNN anonymous source told BackroomBuzz.com ‘Hillary Clinton believes Wisconsin, home of the Cheeseheads, smells just like Bill’s feet cheese.’

Hillary Clinton We Love You!

Hillary Clinton only proved one thing with her latest idiocy.

She’s still as delusional, and as narcissistic as ever, and that’s why Republicans will always wish Hillary Clinton good health and send her the latest back brace, because we never want to lose this walking claptrap.

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