Delusional Maxine Waters Divides Dem Base With Impeachment Obsession

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is obsessed with Impeaching President Donald Trump. Even Fellow California liberal Nancy Pelosi knows how dangerous such over the top rhetoric can be for the Democrat party in the upcoming 2020 election, by dividing their base.

As reported by The Hill, “Waters’ calls for impeachment have largely fallen on deaf ears among the House leadership, which has warned of possible partisan backlash and the potential it has to consolidate Trump’s base.”

Robert Mueller didn’t find a single shred of evidence that the president colluded with Russians, and Attorney General William Barr insists that Trump didn’t obstruct justice during the investigation, but Waters wants him impeached anyway.

The Representative from the deep-blue state of California is so delusional that she is actually accusing President Trump of being “unpatriotic.”

She is still combing through Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt report, word by word, looking for the tiniest speck of dirt. She’s convinced that she’ll find proof that Mueller didn’t, somewhere in the report, that will bring people to the conclusion “that impeachment is inevitable.”

Without naming any evidence at all to support her position, Waters asserts, “This president has done everything that one might even envisage to be eligible for impeachment.” She has been beating the same dead horse for months.

In January, she tweeted that it was “Past time for impeachment!” In March, she posted, the president has “No honesty” and “No nationalism.”

Maxine Waters has always hated Trump from the time he took office. Conservatives are stunned that liberals believe such lies. There aren’t many government officials more nationalist than President Trump. He puts America first in all our global dealings, has singlehandedly brought domestic industry back online and is working hard against all odds to secure our borders.

“This president has done everything that one could even think of to be eligible for impeachment.”

Waters is even ready to battle her own party’s leadership, arguing with Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for stating publicly that she’s not ready for impeachment.

She is presently colluding with Democrats on her House Intelligence Committee to waste more taxpayers dollars to keep these “widespread oversight efforts into the White House” going, instead of using that money where it is really needed. Things like infrastructure, or taking some of the homeless off California streets.

Instead, She put out a subpoena last month, seeking bank records and other data on Trump’s finances from Deutsche Bank and others.

The White House is pushing back hard. The administration is legally challenging any subpoena issued by the House, as well as refusing to allow officers to testify or submit any documents to the Democratic-controlled committees. All within the spirit and the letter of the law.

Pelosi threw her a bone, saying publicly. “We have to exhaust every other remedy on the way and again use the tools at our disposal even if that means saying one possible use of this investigation might be impeachment, even though I don’t want to go to that place.”




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