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High School Yearbook Blatantly Blurs Out Red MAGA Hat’s ‘Make America Great Again’

Pro-Trump students were stunned to find out that the ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan was missing from their Trump supporting red MAGA Hats in high school yearbook photos

Right on cue, the Pennsylvania high school apologized for the mishap, claiming that the blurred out red MAGA hats was just a ‘simple mistake.’

An investigation has been launched by the school authorities to find out who was responsible for the reverse makeover of the MAGA hats.

Someone, not ‘mistakenly’ as the school claimed, but intentionally, blurred out the ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan from the hats in the Littlestown High School yearbook, turning them into plain red caps.

16-year-old Jeremy Gebhart, one of the two students whose photo was altered, told Fox News’ affiliate WPMT-TV that he believes the doctoring was the work of somebody who bears a grudge against US President Donald Trump.

“I just think that whoever did this doesn’t like Trump.

Everybody has First Amendment rights, freedom of speech and they are allowed to think what they want and say what they want but they aren’t allowed to take that away from other people.”

Well, I see the problem right there… Jeremy believes that “everyone” has a the right to freedom of speech, of course, Democrats only believe THEY have the right and no one else… Sort of like the way they’re bodyguards and the 2nd Amendment.

Liberal Photoshop 101

The original photo was taken in October at a school event and shows two teenagers standing arms crossed and smiling broadly with their MAGA hats on.

Gebhart said that he feels the school had effectively censored his political views.

The teenager’s mother, Lorraine Gebhart, said that she felt “infuriated”, stressing her son was “not doing anything illegal whatsoever.” She accused the school of an attempt to silence” the Trump supporters.

The school has denied the responsibility, with Christopher E. Bigger, superintendent of Littlestown Area School District, saying that “it is not the policy or practice of the district to improperly censor speech.”

He said that edit had not been spotted during a preview of the book, and got into a final version by mistake.

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Liberals Triggered Over The Red MAGA Hat

Trump supporters in an instantly recognizable garment have been subjected to attacks online and in the streets, with the hat itself growing into a symbol of an increasingly divided American society.

Of course, no one will ever forget Jussie Smollett and those two Chicago Red MAGA hat wearing hoodlums who tried to pilfer the la la land liberal subway sandwich at 2 am.

Last month, a video surfaced showing a group of black men ripping off MAGA hats from Asian tourists and stomping on them.

Trump supporters have also been denied services, including several administration officials like Sarah Sanders, who got booted from a restaurant last June.

A California restaurant got swamped by a deluge of bad reviews after it banned customers wearing MAGA hats in February.

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3 Replies to “High School Yearbook Blatantly Blurs Out Red MAGA Hat’s ‘Make America Great Again’”

  1. My money is the photographer changed it. Maybe they could sue him and use the settlement as a Trump related gift to the school….like maybe a bronze statute of a coal worker!!!!

  2. It’s no doubt some dumocrap low-life (aren’t they all) couldn’t bear the thought of anyone supporting Our President. They are so hell bent on
    obtaining power they will stoop to any dirty deed.

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