Adam Levin fired from the Voice pots pouting

Adam Levin Throws Liberal Hissy Fit, Gets Fired From ‘The Voice’

Adam Levine is no moderate Democrat, he’s more the deep dark blue kind.

But after Adam Levin had himself a good old fashioned Liberal Loony Toon meltdown, the tattooed toddler was fired from “The Voice.”

Adam Levin, the Maroon 5 front-man, was so incensed after hearing one of his band’s songs played on Conservative Fox News he penned a ‘friendly’ little message to them that read:

Dear Fox News, don’t play our music on your evil fucking channel ever again. Thank you.

So, to say Adam Levin is a militant liberal would be an understatement.

In 2008, Levine publicly endorsed Barack Obama on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, but in 2012, after four years of his pathetic Presidency, Mitt Romney looked to have a chance at sending the Messiah to the promised land.

Adam Levine, as all la la land morons do, took his Obama supporting to the next liberal logic step of threatening America if their beloved Democrat were to lose:

Dear America, if you don’t re-elect Barack Obama, I’m gonna lose my shit.

Well, we will give credit for at least not threatening to move to another country.

On Friday, Adam Levin, the pouting liberal loon, was given the boot from his 26 Million dollar a year gig, because he acted like a petulant spoiled child who didn’t like that the rules applied to him.

Levine’s exit was first announced on Friday’s Today broadcast by The Voice Host, Carson Daly:

“After 16 seasons, Adam Levine, our beloved coach, and friend, has decided to leave The Voice,” 

“Adam was one of the original coaches who launched the show, winning the competition three times and inspiring many of the artists that he worked so closely with over the years… He’ll always be a cherished member of the Voice family… and we wish him nothing but the best.”

Adam Levin had THREE wins in 16 years?  Adam Levin — talent scout he’s not.

The events that lead up to Adam Levin acting like the Democrats did after President Trump kicked Queen Hillary to the curb (or forest), in 2016, started on May 12th.

The singing competition was pre-taping Season 16’s Semifinals, vs. airing live on Monday, because Adam Levine and fellow Voice coaches Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and John Legend were due at the NBC Radio City Music Hall’s “Upfronts” presentation on May 13.

By all accounts, a pouting Adam Levine did not want to attend that Sunday taping, because due to a Season 16 rule change, Adam Levin had no singers left in the show.

As one source told TVLine, the Maroon 5 front-man expressed frustration beforehand at having to be present when, at that point, he had no artists left in the Season 16 race, and for Adam Levin, getting paid 26 million dollars a year just wasn’t going to cut it.

Getting paid $26 million to sit in a big red chair for a couple of weeks, and doing his best to be the opposite of what a ‘Talent Scout,’ is supposed to do.

One has to wonder, did Bernie Sanders send Adam Levin a little love note saying, “hey, you rich tattooed biotch… PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE!”

The Beginning Of The End For Adam Levin

During ‘The Voice’ episode that aired May 13, while talking to Team Kelly Clarkson’s Rod Stokes, Adam Levine’s disgruntlement with “The Voice”‘s new format rose to the surface.

“I still don’t understand how you’re not on my team. I don’t think anybody does, just ’cause it’s weird how it works now, I’m still learning the rules of the new show.”

But it was when Adam Levine brought his pity party on stage at Radio City Music Hall the next day is when things came to a head.

Singing on stage alongside his fellow coaches, Levine was nearly motionless — a stark contrast to his much more enthusiastic and animated colleagues.

“Adam had been checked out for a while,” notes an NBC insider, “but this was a new low. It was essentially the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

The co-chairman of NBC Entertainment, Paul Telegdy who was on hand to witness Levin’s debauchery, was said to be particularly incensed after watching Adam Levine’s embarrassing ‘Pity Me’ performance.

One insider said that the NBC exec was “embarrassed” and “furious” that Levine exhibited such indifference in front of the very people who pay his 26 million dollar salary.

One NBC source says Telegdy called for Levine’s immediate firing, and while some claim that he backed off on this, the evidence shows he did not.

On May 10th NBC announced that Levine was returning for Season 17, but by the morning of May 24, Carson Daly was announcing that Adam Levin would not be back for Season 17.

Adam Levin explained his departure as simply “time to move on.”

But after Adam Levin’s NYC hissy fit, NBC Entertainment co-chair Paul Telegdy did little to hide the fact that he wanted Levin’s liberal ass fired.

NBC insiders tried to push the narrative, ‘Adam Levin’s departure was, at the very least, a mutual decision.’

But the most telling reason why Adam Levin was given the boot for his childish behavior came just a few hours after Levin’s ‘kicked to the curb’ announcement, when NBC sent out a Tweet thanking Levin, but more telling, announcing that Gwen Stefani would be Adam Levin’s replacement.

Wow!, talk about not even letting the body get cold before telling the world you have a new love interest in your life.

That, ladies and Gentlemen, is called a big old slap in the face to their former tattooed temper-tantrum throwing toddler.

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  1. 26 million to work that show for a couple of weeks of filming and he wanted to act like a child? He needed to be fired and he seriously needs to go see a shrink because he really has ‘lost it’! That’s more money than most people make in their entire life!

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