Pelosi Accusation Calculated To Enrage President Trump

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s obvious attempt to bait President Donald Trump into a temper tantrum didn’t go nearly as well as she hoped but that didn’t stop her from exaggerating his response to the press anyway.

Of course, the leftward-tilted Washington media ran with it hook, line and sinker, never bothering to ask if it was true. The two-year investigation into the President has just concluded and found nothing out of the ordinary.

In what Rick Klein of ABC news describes as “a combination of careful strategy and carefully crafted words,” Pelosi held a Capitol Hill press conference where she accused the president of some vague “cover up.” This declaration seems carefully timed to occur shortly before a scheduled Infrastructure meeting at the White House.

The bipartisan meeting was canceled when the President walked into the room, calmly stating that the meeting was over and walking out. There was no rage, no anger, not even an explanation.

As Klein points out, the Democrats “have managed to get under President Donald Trump’s skin. They’re doing it by taking some of his bait but not all of it — all in a way that’s personal enough for him to appreciate.”

Immediately after the aborted meeting, Pelosi characterized the incident as “a temper tantrum.” One so bad it required “intervention” from his family or his staff “for the good of the country.” Ironically Pelosi also stated in that very press conference that “nobody is above the law.”

It is highly likely, Klein believes, that Pelosi did this all intentionally, just to get the meeting canceled and lay the blame on the President. “The image of the president walking away from the negotiating table works for the Democrats — even if the party can’t speak with one voice all that often.”


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