The Rise and Fall of The Deep State, Or Not?

Taking the totality of our current political circus into consideration, one is left to wonder, did the left pull the trigger on their political take over of America too soon? Based on the revelations we are seeing from the Justice Department, and the likelihood that at least some low hanging fruit (lower echelon players) of the obvious conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected president may actually see jail time, it seems so.

How else can we characterize the absolute impunity with which top agents from our law enforcement and intelligence communities to attempt, and almost succeed with, a coup d’etat. Had Hillary Clinton been elected, everything we are now seeing come to light would never have been brought out. It would have simply faded away as the deep state enfolded their anointed candidate into their new paradigm and begin the process of radically altering the America we grew up in into a third world ‘one world government’ vassal.

Where did the deep state go wrong? In my opinion, they overestimated their candidate’s ability to be elected, even with all the shenanigans that were tried during the election and they underestimated the average American. How? They underestimated the people’s displeasure with the Obama regime and, more importantly, ignored the ‘little’ people who had been trod upon by the socialist policies foisted upon them by an overbearing and overreaching federal government.

A candidate who spoke to those disaffected people made the difference. Donald Trump might be many things to many people…some good…some bad, but what he is most noted for by those who support him is his sincerity and unflagging patriotism. You might not like everything he says, or his manner, but two and a half years into his presidency, no one can deny the results has he brought to our nation. And he did it all without aid of a polarized and paralyzed congress…fighting for the people on a daily basis! Imagine what he could have accomplished had congress actually done their job?!

Had the cabal of the deep state waited even ten years to try their coup, things might have very well have turned out in their favor. The children of the “Greatest Generation” are still active politically, and they grew up in, and well remember, the America of their childhood and young adulthood. They are the ones who have stopped the cabal’s juggernaut. Marginalized, ostracized (“bitter clingers”) and dismissed by the elites in academia as well as politics, these true Americans rallied for that one candidate who spoke to them. Who spoke to their concerns. Who honored them for what they have accomplished in their lives and for America. They responded by poking a finger in the eye of the elites and the political establishment, and the establishment has been howling in frustration since!

A quick look at the education (?) and university systems in our country make it clear that we are no longer turning out functioning citizens of our country, but indoctrinated automatons controlled by the likes of George Soros who can be directed via social media to create chaos and destruction on a moment’s notice anywhere in the country as well as electing anti-American representatives to our governing houses. If the deep state had waited just a little longer to rig our system, they might have won. Their arrogance and feelings of invincibility, along with the rage and dissatisfaction of the American people were their undoing. Had they waited just a bit longer, things might have been different.

All of which begs the question, can we turn back this cabal and regain our precious liberties? Raising a generation of well educated, conservative thinking children and grandchildren is a good start. Educating our citizens in the history of our great Republic at an early age is another way to ensure that the ideals promulgated in our founding documents do not go into the ash heap of history. Mostly though, just calling out the stupidity of the left and their ideas with facts at every opportunity and converting those who are willing to listen to the truth will go a long way in the battle of dueling populisms.

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