Ilhan Omar JUST Demonstrated Her Blatant Misunderstanding of American Constitutional Law

Democratic congresswoman and Somalian refugee Ilhan Omar lashed out at Christian conservatives in states like Alabama and Georgia.

She claimed lawmakers in these states have a disregard for the voices and rights of American women. Furthermore, representative Omar stated that these laws were designed to “criminalize women for simply existing”.


Unfortunately for representative Omar, it was the very women who she claims are oppressed who voted for the state representatives enacting these laws. She fundamentally misunderstands these laws, they do not criminalize women for “simply existing” rather they impose criminal penalties on people for killing other human beings. These laws restrict the time at which someone can abort a human child growing in the womb of its mother.


Representative Omar goes on to say that she is “frustrated” whenever she hears people speak about their faith, despite being a devout Muslim and speaking about her faith anytime the opportunity arises. It seems representative Omar only takes issue when people of other faiths speak about their faith. Her blatant hatred for Christians and Jews has been well documented, and this most recent attack only further demonstrates her hypocrisy

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2 Replies to “Ilhan Omar JUST Demonstrated Her Blatant Misunderstanding of American Constitutional Law”

  1. Hey Omar, you better look at the Quoran if you think American women are criminalized just
    because a law was passed by their elected officials. As I understand it, the Quoran says women are second class people below men, men can rape, kill and beat up women. Women have to obey exactly what a man tells her, she cannot go outside without his permission, she cannot do basically what she wants to do, her education is dictated by the men in her life. Seems to me women exist in a slavery status.

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