Like a Good Little Snowflake… Microsoft Gets Woke

In the era of “get woke, go broke” another company foolishly decides to “get work”, this time its Microsoft and their word processor MS Word. Microsoft has created artificial intelligence to increase “inclusive language” in Microsoft Word. In Microsoft’s example the AI will correct the word “policeman” to “police officer”.



There are some less malicious features planned too like recommending acronyms and calculating the time it takes to read a document. These updates and improvements are likely a factor of the competition between Word, Grammarly, and Google’s grammar suggestions. The feature will only work in online mode and will only provide suggestions. However, this is a dangerous first step towards a slippery slope of censorship of free speech and thought.



For now, users can avoid suggestions from the AI by ignoring them or working in offline mode. However, as the AI technology improves avoiding these suggestions and corrections may become more difficult. The big problem that I see with this software is the audience and market for it, there really isn’t one.



People who would be interested in correcting their language in this manner are likely already dong it and don’t need the help of an AI. I think this is one of the more alarming instances of a company “getting woke”. This AI and the idea behind it are very Orwellian, its sort of a soft nudge towards a more politically correct vision of the world. The goal of which is to control not just what people think but how they think. While it is true that this feature can be disabled or ignored that is besides the point. The feature exists, and that is the root of the problem as it shows a dangerous trend in American politics.



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  1. It’s this kind of crap that is the reason that while I do use the Windows operating system I don’t use any other Microsoft software and never will.

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