Trolling the Trolls

by Eric Fahrenthold:

I am not a Trevor Noah fan because even though he is funny sometimes the constant playing of race and victim card is exhaustive.

Secondly many times his reasoning is extremely shallow and His points are not even valid. As a comedian it is not a requirement for the premise of your arguments to be resolved with valid points however more and more the the late night satirists have been trying to ascertain influence by representing themselves with the ability to make short work of any number of current events, all the while cleverly tying into them into a string of perfectly sewn summations of comedy worth a mass audience and a million dollar pay check.

In my opinion Bill Maher is by far the most annoying of these characters whose ability complete an insightful view of the world or humanity closer resembles that of date rape than any sort of political philosophy. He introduces a topic, Demonstrates he is witty, leads the audience to a place that requires interest, appears knowledgeable, then when the moment comes for him to connect his assertions and by that I mean explain how what he has been talking about actually addresses the premise of his routine, for completely no reason the applause light comes on and he whips out a dick joke and /or refers to something equally vulgar.
most of his audience members don’t understand he didn’t make a point so I guess you can say they deserve it. But I don’t care if they are liberals, socialist, or a gang of transgendered sooner fans wearing daisy duke shorts looking for the bakery cause the two of them want to get a wedding cake, no one deserves to have their sense of humor treated with such disregard.

The damage inflicted to the cerebral humor portion of the brain‘s intellectualism never fully recovers from the repeated attempts at joke telling by mediocre satirist. The best scenario is through coaching, the institution of proper breathing techniques, and supplementary diet programs. Someday the victims can learn on their own to switch political parties (#walkaway) and stop turning to overrated second rate comedians for their news coverage.

Recently, Noah tried to sway his audience toward accepting Brett Kavanaugh’s guilt by tying together perceptions of ones skeleton closet with the concept of contradiction. A problem then ensues that he actually does not know the definition of a contradiction and therefore is unable to make sense of his own premise.

In short, Noah suggests that the public knows one Kavanaugh but Ford knew a different Kavanaugh and that those two could exist and not be contradictory. His logic is just over the top blatantly wrong.
At some point the crowd applaud his effort toward fashioning a thought experiment regardless of its outcome. In a real world conversation Trevor would likely have encountered a person that would explain to him that what he said is actually stupid.

However the audience paid money to get there or if not they are more than willing to laugh just because it is television and they support anything that is said so long as it ends with a jab at the political right.

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