by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

Christine Blasey Ford is trying to make a mockery of the government process in which we select members of the Supreme Court.  The travesty is the Senate is allowing it so far.

Since when does a private citizen dictate terms to the U.S. Senate to how they will come forward and give their testimony.

I believe this women’s irrational behavior, and the fact that by her own words is under the care of a therapist needs to be considered.  I think we have a right as to her diagnosis by her therapist.  Would it not be important to know if she suffers from paranoia, schizophrenia, was delusional or is dealing with some other psychosis that distorts her reality?

Someone, like maybe her attorney, needs to explain to Mrs. Christine Blasey Ford how our judicial system works.  She should be able to comprehend it.  She is an educated women after all.

Christine Blasey Ford thinks that before she makes her accusation before the Senate Committee that Brett Kavanaugh should first layout his defense.

Does not seem to matter to Christine Blasey Ford that the rights of the accused are the right to confront their accuser and address the accusations levied against them.

Chistine Blasey Ford says she has received death threats.  Well, so has Brett Kavanaugh’s family.  And surveying the history of the Left, the threats against Kavanaugh and his family are more likely, and should be considered the more serious of the two.

This women needs to be made now, at this point, to be made to mandatory to come forward before the Senate Judicial committee.  She needs to be dressed down, and made aware of the consequences of her claims.  At which point she can either proceed, or withdraw her claims.  Basta!  Enough is enough!!

No other citizen would receive such coddling.  It’s only because she is a leftest that everyone is walking on eggs with this deeply disturbed women.

Make her testify, expose this Leftist, CIA plant for who and what she is, and get on with it.  Put Kavanaugh to vote, and let’s move on.

This all needs to be exposed for what it is, or the Democrats and Leftist will do this over, and over again, like being stuck in Groundhog Day.  Just not funny.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein needs to be censured.

Enjoy the show.  The more you know!

Trust God and keep your powder dry.

Pray for our President and his administration.

God bless America and Patriots Worldwide.

#Covfefe #WWG1WGA #KAG


Graduate C.M.S.U.  B.S.B.A. International Marketing Former Director China Century Development Four Years U.S.A.F, Two Years U.S. Army, 6 Years Missouri Army National Guard. Retired I.R.S. Retired State of Alaska Partner and Treasurer; 50 shades of Green LLC Visit my FB Page: The Chosen, The Elect, and Remnant of God.

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