by On Point:

I have been following and have studied the American political system even before the election of Donald Trump. I am an economist who also minored in political science when I attended university. I have always had a thirst for knowledge and a need to continually learn. I am not religious at all but have always made my own decisions by studying the existing fact and by observing the dynamics of situations.

I have come to a final conclusion, by watching the dynamics of the current situation regarding Brett Kavanaugh, that the entire Democratic party is made up of a collection of completely evil people with their own agenda of seeking power, not to benefit their country, but for the opposite, to destroy it and to make themselves wealthy to the detriment of the people who they have promised to serve.

Democrats will do anything to gain power, going as far to murder opponents who get in their way. To save humanity, they must be obliterated at the polls or America will be fully destroyed from within and within five years will cease to exist as a country.

President Donald Trump has many flaws and warts. He is insecure and needs to be idolized, he constantly embellishes what he achieves, he does not understand the sanctity of marriage vows and has strayed many times, but the major thing he has that is positive, is that he is a true patriot, who genuinely loves his country and all the people in it. He does not have one racial bone in his body.

Trump is a super smart, high IQ business man who has an inbred ability and knowledge to lead businesses to success. He understands fully what must be done for America to be a great country again. He will succeed, as it should be obvious to all, that the policies that he has so far implemented and those that he intends to pass including the construction of a wall are correct for America to be successful and respected all over the world again.

Brett Kavanaugh is probably one of the best legal minds available today and must be elected to the Supreme court. He will go down as one of the best judges in history. The Democrats must be decimated and voted out of power in the next elected. They stand for evil and self preservation, nothing else.

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