If you’ve read part one and two, you don’t want to miss reading this part. My friend Frank V. Colangelo has a perspective on this that you don’t want to miss!

This is my last of my op-ed trilogy, “The Return of the Big Lie” …but not to worry…I’ve got my sights set on Obama and I’m not gonna let up on him when it so demands!!

It seems that Obama just couldn’t stay out of the fray and had to slither out of his hole to attack President Trump. This is a desperate attempt to save the democRATS in the 2018 midterms and frankly it’s pretty pathetic. Some have said that he broke a 240 year old tradition of former Presidents of not attacking their successor, for the good of the country…but since when did Obama ever do anything for the good of the country?

So now we have the former “Liar in Chief” up to his old tricks again with his pontificating of lies that reminds us why we hate him so much and why voters elected Trump. On his return to the campaign trail former “President Onocchio” was once again spewing his many falsehoods giving competition to the fake news media. Without missing a beat the pompous, insufferable, self-enthralled, cliched and uninspiring ass picked up right where he left off two years ago repeating one lie after another!

So let’s do just a little fact checking because to do a complete fact check of all of the lies he perpetrated in just the past 2 days would be an undertaking of enormous proportions.

So let’s start with the his ridiculous claim that he is responsible for the current economic boom and that it started in his economy. And what I don’t understand is that Obama wants to take credit for the current booming economy,…the same economy that democRATS en masse are saying is not doing that well..which is it? The dems can’t even get their message straight

Fact: Anyway, the truth is that Obama was the first president in recorded history to not have a single year of 3.0% GDP growth and the economy was heading south in his final days and as soon as a business friendly president was elected the economy took off.

Obama further made the assertion that Obamacare covered another 20 million Americans with health insurance.

Fact: Ok, Obamacare covered 20 million but 28 million Americans remained uninsured. And the only reason millions were covered was because of the penalty invoked if you didn’t sign up. It was a failed government boondoggle that ruined the US health industry. Thank God President Trump was able to get rid of the forced individual mandate.

Obama ALSO claimed that during his 8 year term he cut the deficit in half.

Fact: The Bush deficit at the end of his 2nd term was around $400 billion. Obama immediately increased the deficit by a trillion dollars and it was at $600 billion when he left office. Oh well…it was just a slight rounding error.

Furthermore, Obama claimed that the job numbers were the same during his term!

Fact: Obama must be living on Mars… manufacturing jobs are returning to the USA and are up by 400,000 under President Trump….jobs that Obama said would never come back. The truth is that Obama lost 303,000 manufacturing jobs as president. Oh well…just another rounding off discrepancy.

So those are just a few of his many lies that he made in only 2 days. Just think how many more are to follow in the remaining days leading up to the midterms. But the “truth” is that his coming back on the campaign trail could be a real blessing in disguise. The Dems are already motivated to their max…but we are not. But Obama is just the catalyst we need to remind us of the disastrous 8 years of his presidency and why we cannot allow the Dems to take control of the House…unless we want a return to Obama’s failed policies that destroyed our economy, savaged our foreign policy, made a mockery of our immigration system, promoted racial divide, attacked our law enforcement, made a mockery of our Judicial system with a corrupt DOJ and FBI, and the indisputable fact that his administration was the most scandalous and corrupt administration in the history of our nation with a complete disregard for law and order and a lack of accountability.

And so while Obama spreads his lies we now have a president that is delivering on his promises… and is remaining focused on stoking the economy, expanding opportunity for all Americans, slashing government red tape/regulations, maximizing freedom for us ordinary deplorable Americans and putting law-abiding constitutionalists onto the federal courts who will enforce the Constitution as written and not rewrite it or legislate it from the bench. We are winning and they are losing and don’t let the media or Obama tell you otherwise. It is all a ploy to demotivate you from voting…something that we cannot allow to happen if we want the Trump agenda to continue. This is not about “right or left”…it is about “right and wrong” and President Trump will be proven to be on the right side of history as long as we vote to keep the House and the Senate bright red! Keep talking Obama…we’re listening to your lies and with every lying word you speak our resolve will get stronger and the Red Tsunami will continue to grow until it drowns out your lies and the truth prevails!

Frank V. Colangelo

I am the 'chief editor' at the 'The Trump Times'. I adore journalism. Politics seems to be my preferred genre although I do not hesitate to write anything that strikes me as interesting. Researching and finding 'Breaking News' makes my blood rush. I've written seventeen books and over that including books in conglomeration with others, mostly for charity. Doing graphic art design has always been fun for me. Sometimes I incorporate this talent into my articles or when a special 'feature picture' is required. You can find me tweeting on: https://twitter.com/DavedaGruber You can always find my articles on TheTrumpTimes.com

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