Cincinnati police have released security footage of the gunman who killed three people in a Cincinnati office on Thursday. The gunman was described as “firing shots at anyone he sees.”

The Cincinnati Police Department released security footage from inside the lobby of the Fifth Third Bancorp headquarters in downtown Cincinnati from Thursday when the shooting took place. Police also released body camera footage from the shooting scene.

Omar Enrique Santa Perez, 29, was seen walking in the lobby with his gun held up. Police said Santa Perez was carrying a briefcase containing hundreds of rounds of ammunition over his shoulder.

On Friday Police Chief Eliot Isaac said one security officer was seen helping people get to a safe place while the gunman was “firing shots at anyone he sees.”

Body camera footage from the officers at the scene, showed them approaching the gunman.

The footage that was obtained, showed the officers shooting through the glass of the lobby.

It was reported that officers fired 11 shots and took out the gunman.

Police released an image that showed a briefcase containing ammunition used by the suspect, Omar Enrique Santa Perez.

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley said, “You could see in the video … the guy is shooting at the cops. [You can see] them not being afraid and engaging and ending it.”

Body camera footage showed police shooting at glass as Omar Enrique Santa Perez was seen lying on the ground.

Isaac said that the officers “engaged the shooter within three and a half minutes of the first 911 call.”

He also said that police later found that Santa Perez’s gun had jammed during the four-minute rampage. He said the gunman bought the 9mm handgun legally about a month ago.

Authorities are trying to figure out why Omar Enrique Perez opened fire inside the lobby of a building where he never worked. Santa Perez had no known connection to the building.

Isaac said the gunman’s mental health history is one of the several areas they are investigating.

Police said Santa Perez had been in Cincinnati since about 2015. He lived in South Carolina and Florida before that.

There were three people killed in the shooting. They were identified as bank employee Luis Calderon, 48; Richard Newcomer, 64, a contractor; and Pruthvi Raj Kandepi, 25, an engineer who worked as a consultant for the bank.

Mayor Cranley praised the officers who confronted and took down the shooter.

Cranley said, “If he had gotten on the elevator, gone up to a floor, if he had been there earlier or a little bit longer, many more people would have been killed.”

No motive has been determined.

We live in an era where surveillance video is becoming rather important.

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