by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

Trea·son – ˈtrēzən/ – noun

the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

“they were convicted of treason”

synonyms: treachery, disloyalty, betrayal

A very unusual exchange took place this week between Senator Lindsey Graham and Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Below, I give you a transcript of the exchange.

I have written in the past about the fact that there are some very BIG things coming down the pike regarding treasonous acts committed by our previous administration and others.

I also wrote, in regards to high treason, that, authority to try such acts could be turned over to military Tribunals and tried in military courts.

Is this a foreshadowing of things to come.  Read the following dialog that occured at the Kavanaugh hearing.

Senator Graham – “Is there a body of law called the Law of Armed Conflict?”

Kavanaugh – There is such a body Senator.

Senator Graham – “Is there a body of law that’s called basic criminal law?”

Kavanaugh- Yes, Senator.

Senator Graham – “Are there differences between those two bodies of law?”

Kavanaugh – Yes, Senator.

Senator Graham – “Do your Constitutional rights follow you? If you’re in Paris, does the 4th amendment protect you as an American from your own gov’t?”

Kavanaugh –  From your own government, yes.

Senator Graham – “In Afghanistan…?”

Kavanaugh –  In Afghanistan you [also] have Constitutional rights against the U.S. Government.

Senator Graham – “Isn’t there also long-settled law that goes back to [a case]…”

Kavanaugh – (1) Johnson v. Eisentrager.

Senator Graham – “…that American citizens who collaborate with the enemy are considered Enemy Combatants?”

Kavanaugh –  They can be. Sometimes treated criminally, sometimes treated in the Military…

Senator Graham – “There’s a Supreme Court decision that said American Citizens who collaborated with Nazi saboteurs were tried by the military, is that correct?”

Kavanaugh – That is correct.

Senator Graham – “I think a couple of ’em were executed.”

Kavanaugh – Yeah.

■ Sen Graham then turns and appears to be addressing the audience for this next part.

■ The media.

■ Us.

☆This is a point that he wants to make UNUSUALLY CLEAR:

Senator Graham – “So if anybody doubts there’s a longstanding history in this country, that your constitutional rights follow you BUT, you don’t have a right to turn on your own government and collaborate with an enemy of the nation. You will be treated DIFFERENTLY….”

“….What’s the name of the case, if you can recall, that reaffirmed the concept that you can hold an enemy Combatant if they were one of our own, if they were engaged in enemy activities in Afghanistan, are you familiar with that case?”

Kavanaugh – (2) Yes, Homdi.

Senator Graham – “So, the bottom line is on every American citizen, though you have Constitutional rights, you do not have a right to collaborate with the enemy, there is a body of law developed long before 9\11 that understood the difference between basic criminal law and the law of Armed Conflict, do you understand those differences?”

Kavanaugh – I do understand there are different bodies of law, of course Senator.

(1) Johnson v. Eisentrager, 339 U.S. 763 (1950), was a major decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, where it decided that U.S. courts had no jurisdiction over German war criminals held in a U.S.-administered prison in Germany. The prisoners had at no time been on American sovereign territory.

(2) Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, 542 U.S. 507 (2004), is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court recognized the power of the U.S. government to detain enemy combatants, including U.S. citizens, but ruled that detainees who are U.S. citizens must have the rights of due process, and the ability to challenge their enemy combatant status before an impartial authority.

Could it be this juxtapositioning of basic criminal law and the law of Armed Conflict is part of readying the public for what is about to come?

Have we already seen this carried out on some level?

It has been rumored that No Name did not die from complications due to brain cancer.  It has been rumored that No Name was executed as a treasonous traitor to his country after being tried in secret military court.

Gov. Kasich in a CNN interview shortly after it was announced that No Name was dead, let it slip, “it’s like 24 Hours since John McCain was put to death….”

The count now of sealed indictments resulting from the Huber investigation is over 50,000.  Let that sink in.

Trump has already received funding to upgrade Gitmo, and has already sent additional National Guard troops to man the new expanded facilities.

We are on the precipice of Trump releasing the 20 pages from the FISA request and the IG report.


What we will see, sorry if I’m giving part of the plot away,  is proof that Hitlery sold U.S. classified secrets, their was a concerted effort to stop Trump at all cost, up to including assassination attempts leading to the highest echelon and offices in the land.  That these same parties that have been dealing in child trafficking, and other heinous and nefarious activities did also wilfully attempt an overthrow of our government.

Hence Trump’s recent tweet that read just one word, – TREASON!

Sorry, don’t mean to talk during the movie.  Don’t you just hate that.  Enjoy the show!

Trust God and keep your powder dry.

Pray for our President and his administration.

God bless America and Patriots Worldwide.

#Covfefe #WWG1WGA #KAG


Graduate C.M.S.U.  B.S.B.A. International Marketing Former Director China Century Development Four Years U.S.A.F, Two Years U.S. Army, 6 Years Missouri Army National Guard. Retired I.R.S. Retired State of Alaska Partner and Treasurer; 50 shades of Green LLC Visit my FB Page: The Chosen, The Elect, and Remnant of God.

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