by Michael Duane Small:


The reality of life today is life is so complicated and people seem to be clueless as to the reasons behind the major issues of today.

We argue over, “Gun Control issues”
We argue over, “Human rights issues”
We argue over, “entitlements”

We argue over what should be very simple to solve if we understood the reasons why we are in so much trouble today.

What we don’t realize is:
We have lost our sovereignty
a. We pay for our homes by financing with our own social security money-PAID FOR
b. We pay interest to bankers on our own social security money we use to buy our own home-FRAUD
c. When our home is paid for we find we don’t own it because the only document we receive is a DEED that does not say owner, but does say TENANT. (RENTER)
d. If we fail to pay taxes to a government system that has defrauded us out of everything we can be evicted for not paying our rent (Taxes)-NO! RENT.
f. We don’t even know we have been taken to the cleaners by the very people we elected to serve us who have all become very wealthy by serving special interests and we love them so much we reelect them and send them back to screw us more.

We lost our freedom because we are forced to use an illegal monetary system that has bankrupt, not only the United States but all the world using the central bank system and we don’t question the system because we think it is legitimate. Then we listen to a criminal system treat an outsider (Non Politician) like a criminal because he is a threat to the criminals that have destroyed our Constitution and placed us in a third world environment where our youth listen to and often demand socialism / Communism.

We have no clue we have been screwed until we wake up and realize we have nothing and can have nothing and we don’t understand why.

In fact, if we understood the reasons behind the greatest documents ever written, we would understand why they were written and what is wrong with our country; the world and there would be no doubt as to why as well as the reason we should all be screaming for TERM LIMITS for every elected representative.

Our only protection has been our Constitution and we vote against it out of ignorance. Worse yet history shows we have had traitors all back through history with a purpose of destroying OUR Constitution; Example: What was the purpose of changing our Organic 13th Amendment to our Constitution, i. e. Gifts/bribes and letters of mark-removing our legal system and replacing it with Corporate Law-The laws of the Crown of England.

Totally illegal and fraud against this nation of nations and where is the out cry of the citizens?

1. It can never be changed but it has been changed
a. What has been changed in our Constitution and
b. Why has it been changed?

Let’s look at gun control

Arguments over gun control and unwarranted arrests over gun possession should never be an issue if our Supreme Laws were followed. Read the 2nd Amendment and understand the true meaning and understand that it is the Law and no city, county or state has any authority to change it; not even by ballot! Why?

2nd Amendment to the united states Constitution: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the rights of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

We can not vote against the supreme Law of this Land without cutting our own throats and yet, because illegal ballot measures are placed on ballots for us to vote on and out of our own ignorance we vote.

Where is our protection from scoundrels who defraud citizens?

Who am I talking about?


An elected official who swears an oath to Serve, Protect and Defend our Constitution. Why is it his responsibility?

The sheriff is the Governor of his county. He is the most powerful person in our county because he is the COUNTY SHERIFF. The Chief of police or town constable are lessor positions as is the Mayor of a town or city because their jurisdictions are lower than that of the sheriff whom is in charge of the whole county.

Why are our Sheriffs not protecting the citizens as per his/her oath to Serve, Protect and Defend our Constitution?

They do not follow their oath for two reasons:
1. Ignorance of responsibility
2. Corporate Contract with your state capitol to incapacitate your rights as citizens while the corporations remove our Constitution piece by piece. One can not serve two masters and it is we the people who elect our representatives.

When our rights are violated by our governments, who is at fault for letting this happen?



We elect representatives who swear an oath to serve, protect and defend our Constitution
1. They have not kept their oaths which is treasonous and criminal
2. They have become very rich from special Interest bribes and no longer serve the people who elected them because they have been corrupted.


We the founders

Warned you of the dangers of excessive taxation.  Now you labor six months of the year to pay taxes as your economy suffocated under this cruel burden

Warned you of the dangers of foreign entanglements.  Now thousands of men and women suffer and die in foreign lands while your government plans a military draft.

Warned you of the dangers of government spending.  Now your growing national debt stands at $8 Trillion and your babies are debt slaves from the day they are born.

Warned you of the dangers of a private central bank (The FED) and a debt based monetary system.  Now you drown in credit card you lose your homes to foreclosures.

Warned you to obey the Constitution because power corrupts.  Now a secretive government can spy on you and detain you at will under the guise of “National Security.”

Warned you of the dangers of political parties.  Now you have two powerful parties that conspire against the PEOPLE, plundering you while they pretend to oppose each other.

Warned you to keep your nation sovereign and independent.  Now you submit tom UN and NAFTA authority as your borders are deliberately left open to endless illegal immigration.

Warned you to be distrustful of government.  But you believed in sugar coated falsehoods of ambitious politicians and now you no longer know who to trust or what to believe.

Warned you of the importance of an honest, independent and unbiased press.  Now your “Centralized Mainstream Media” is full of propaganda, distortions and omissions.

Warned you that the price of liberty was eternal vigilance.  But while you were distracted by ball games and TV shows, government stole your liberty and bankrupt your children.

The enslavement of the masses

“To preserve our independence we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.  If we run into such debt, we (will then) be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessities and in our comforts, in our labor and in our amusements.  If we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.”  — Thomas Jefferson

In 1776, the founders risked their “lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to set up a free and prosperous nation.  They warned us that it was our responsibility to keep it that way, but we did not listen to their advice.

How do we fix our problem?

We can’t trust our elected representatives if we do not know our constitution and this problem will never be fixed until we eliminate the threat of controlled representatives by bribes, extortion, blackmail as well as other crimes unless every community demands Term Limits of all elected official from city management to county to the governor’s office to Washington DC.

NO ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PEOPLE SHOULD EVER RETIRE FROM A POSITION OF SERVING THE PEOPLE IN AN ELECTED POSITION, less they be corrupted because of a non-caring citizen base who would allow his neighbor or friend to control his bank account for him.

No retirements – Serve and Go Home!

It is not a right to Serve the people – It is a privilege!


WE THE PEOPLE? Who are we? What responsibilities do we have that tie each of us together and protects the majority from treason and tyranny?


Country boy with a taste for city life and world travel. US Army (Retired) and Vietnam Veteran. Constitutionalist and Patriot. Born in Indianapolis and grew up in Baker City, Oregon. Lived almost 3 years in Asia and five years in Europe and several locations in the united States. 17 years in administration in the Military and 14 years driving truck - long haul (USA and Canada). Opinion: 3 years of college, but a degree does not mean one is educated (only that one spent time to complete assigned requirements for a piece of paper). Is that paper important? Only if necessary for a license or specialty. College is a business. An education comes from the desire to learn and that includes life experiences. A degree is only a license to learn in a specialty field. Otherwise, live life and learn.

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