by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

As you are all aware of by now, the President declassified and authorized the release of the heavily redacted FISA application to obtaun a surveillance warrent against Carter Page.

The main stream media reported the warrant was released due to a FOIA request.  But FISA warrents are not covered under FOIA.

The FBI in late July made public redacted documents related to the electronic surveillance of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. Page is at the center of the controversy of how the FBI sought the secretive warrant.

Now, you no doubt have heard that leading members of the House Intelligence Committee are calling for the unredacting and release of 20 pages from the 412 page FISA application, and declassification by the POTUS.

The FISA application to surveil Page has been a point of contention for lawmakers in Congress. Republicans have repeatedly claimed the warrant constituted FISA abuse, while Democrats have rejected those allegations.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), chairman of the House intelligence committee contends that releasing just those 20 pages, unredacted, will lay to rest all the Democrat false, phony and fake defense of the document once and for all.

Nunes wrote in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed: “If people think using the Clinton dirt to get a FISA is bad, what else that’s in that application is even worse.”

After many calls from conservative law makers to President Trump last week to release those 20 pages, unredacted, it is possible the President may do just that. This according to the speculation, rumor and buzz floating around D.C..  It could happen as quick as this week.

The dam is getting ready to break ladies and gentleman.  Many cracks and leaks are forming and spilling.  And despite all the Democrat fingers trying to plug the truth, the back pressure is building stronger and stronger for the release.

The release in addition to meaning the end to the Mueller special investigation but, the beginning, to the end of the Deep State and flushing of the swamp.  Washing out bad actors in both the Republican and Democrat Partys.

It is rumored that the release of those 20 unredacted pages are not only damning to the D.C. Swamp but, will reveal the CIA controlled mockingbird media as the enemy of the America people that they are.  Just like the president inclined.

Once those twenty pages are released the highly redacted IG report on the FBI and their investigation into Hitlery Clinton is soon to follow, also unredacted.

There maybe parts that are still redacted in both, due to on going investigations, and soon to be opened sealed indictments for D.C. Swamp scum and traitorous enemy of the state media personalities.

The Left and those loyal to the Deep State are starting to feel their backs being pinned against the wall and thus seeing the writing that is there upon it.

The resounding ripping of the cracks in the Dam are echoing throughout D.C. and across the mockingbird media.

From corrupt, treasonous government employees and politicians, to lying, slanderous media persons and disgusting, evil, vile Hollywood types, all are going to be exposed for what they are.

We are soon to hear of high treason, American betrayal, murder and assassination attempts, child trafficking, rape and killing, cannibalism and soul cooking, secret rituals and Satan worship.  All committed by people who were trusted, and admired.  From east coast argentocracy and chrysocracy, the west coast Hollywood moneyocracy, the CIA controlled mediacracy, the worldwide corpocracy, to finally the D.C. plutocracy, gerontocracy and kakistocracy.

When the absolute ugliness of all these groups of people is revealed, as tempting as it will be to look away, don’t.  We need to see them for who and what they are.  First, because we need to recognize and see evil for what it is. second, so we never forget.  And third, so we can make the changes so it will never happen again.

It is going to be terrifyingly to a lot of people how close we have come to losing this country forever.

Once it is revealed, we must help our children understand it, and help those who will surely be paralyzed by it, due to unbelief and denial.

We must build monuments and memorials that will never be torn down as reminders of how terrible people can be and how quickly freedoms can erode and be taken away.  And make sure it is taught in our schools along with the importance of our Constitution.

But, I’m putting the cart before the horse.  First there will be the exposing.  And it is coming.  Next will be the trials, and then the sentencing.

Then there will be the mending, rebuilding, healing and over time, cautious re-trusting by the American people of their government, media and celebrities.

The dam is about to burst.  And when it does, there will be devastation, collateral damage, and pain.  But there will also be, washing away, cleansing, renewing, and rebirth.

Sometimes, before a wound can heal, the infected and dead areas must be cut away and lanced.  And during that procedure some of the good flesh gets taken also.

Keep the faith my fellow patriots and enjoy the show.

Trust God and keep your powder dry.

Pray for our President and his administration.

God bless America and Patriots Worldwide.

#Covfefe #WWG1WGA #KAG #1776


Graduate C.M.S.U.  B.S.B.A. International Marketing Former Director China Century Development Four Years U.S.A.F, Two Years U.S. Army, 6 Years Missouri Army National Guard. Retired I.R.S. Retired State of Alaska Partner and Treasurer; 50 shades of Green LLC Visit my FB Page: The Chosen, The Elect, and Remnant of God.

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