NY Governor Cuomo Running as “Anti-Trump”

by Thomas C. DeSalvo:

FREE COLLEGE for all in New York. We’ll fix that mean old Trump and set an example for the rest of the country.

Yet another program dreamed up by Andrew Cuomo that will milk more wealth out of the average New York tax payer which will no doubt end up where administering the program eats most of the funds intended for the individual. Similar to the Lottery Program the profits of which were intended to be used for education. The difference, only those playing the lottery provided the funding. This program will hit everyone who pays taxes in this state. Let’s take a look at what this grandiose program will accomplish.

First of all, I would like to see some “success rates” for those completing their chosen degree program. Then I would like to see the numbers of those actually completing their program who become gainfully employed in a specialty requiring their degree.

COVERED BY CUOMO’S “Free College” Program:

TUITION: the amount you’re charged to officially be considered a student. This covers all aspects of your courses, including use of the campus, access to faculty, and eventually, the ability to receive a degree. Students would still be able to take advantage of any scholarship programs they would have otherwise been eligible for.

NOT COVERED BY CUOMO’S “Free College” Program:

FEES: charges on your bill, usually mandatory, that cover specific costs associated with your education. These might include administrative fees, a student activities fee that contributes toward the budget for campus groups and clubs, and others.

ROOM: the amount you pay for housing. If you live on campus, this will most likely be listed on your bill as one lump sum for the semester. You may have housing options at different price points, especially later in your college career.

BOARD: the amount you pay for food. If you’re on a meal plan, you’ll often have several options at different price points, though first-year students may be required to be on a certain plan. It may be combined with housing into a single Room and Board line item.

BOOKS AND MATERIALS: the cost of what you need to complete your courses, including textbooks (which aren’t provided, as they may have been in your high school) as well as office supplies like pens and notebooks. This can vary a great deal depending on your courses, so the college will give you an estimate for an average student.

TRAVEL: the cost of getting between your home and the college for mandatory breaks in which the dorms are closed. Additional travel, for non-mandatory breaks or for fun, is generally not included in this line item.

PERSONAL EXPENSES: the estimated amount you’ll spend on all other day-to-day costs, essential and nonessential, including such things such as shampoo, clothing, items for your room, travel for fun, entertainment, and social activities.

In other words, more debt for the tax payer. More debt for students, most of whom will likely never complete their course of study either due to a lack of money to pay for expenses, or lack of ability to complete their course. All while complaining “this was supposed to be free.

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2 Replies to “NY Governor Cuomo Running as “Anti-Trump””

  1. Gee, I wonder if, like in CA, tax payers will see the writing on the walls and people start leaving NY enmass (like they are in CA) and, as the state heads for bankruptcy, if leadership will start wildfires (like they did in CA) declaring a natural disaster in order to bilk billions from the government (tax payers actually) to secretly save the state?

    Cuomo? There must be something in the water, some form of brain altering bacteria because these people keep on electing demoncrats. I moved from there 15 years ago and never looked back.

  2. Let me just add an “OMG” to this……because it is all you can say. Never gave those wildfires a devious thought….but it makes perfect sense. It is about the only thing in CA that does!

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