Disgraceful News Coverage

by Eric Fahrenthold:

While the world ponders President Trump’s alleged misuse of the English language today I am going to evaluate something more concerning. In 1961 former President John F. Kennedy met with the leader of Russia, Nikita Khrushchev. During the meeting A conversation ensued regarding the legitimacy of western values. Kennedy was not prepared to defend our way of life and Khrushchev dominated the discussion.

Why is this important and how is it related to Trump’s meeting with Putin? During that meeting so many years ago Russia was not being accused of meddling with our elections but they were engaged in social warfare. By social warfare I mean the spread of communism and world dominance. In short the destruction of western influence, democracy, and our way of life. During that meeting Kennedy’s inability to defend western society was considered a huge diplomatic failure. Defending western society was considered the most dominate issue of the time. In fact that very issue eventually led our nation into the Vietnam war and was the reason tens of thousands of Americans gave their lives.

By today’s standards Fox News and every right wing establishment would have had Treason headlines similar to the outcry we are hearing today, but what was reported in 1961?

How did the media react toward Kennedy’s failure? Not a single word.

Is this a case of simple left wing dominance of the media given no news establishments similar to a Fox News existed at the time?

Although that is definitely a possibility, I’d rather focus on the outcome of the actual event. Shortly after this meeting some say Khrushchev became emboldened and began supplying Cuba with what appeared to be nuclear capabilities. The Cuban missile crisis ensued and soon the American Navy was ordered to blockade Cuba. Merely a few hundred miles from American shorelines America’s Navy was in a standoff with a fleet of Russian vessels.

With world war three hanging in the balance the world nervously watched as these two great military powers began a very high stakes negotiation process.
In the news a notable absence from coverage was the notion that Kennedy had caused this entire circumstance by failing to defend our way of life. Instead the people of the United States awaited steadfast in support of their leaders and ready to defend this country at all cost. By today’s standards that would be impossible.
In the year 2018 Russian troops could invade this county’s soil and CNN would be reporting, in a celebratory tone, finally Trump has gotten what he deserved. Finally the Trump voters will see how useless having handguns are against a real military. Finally the destruction of The ruthless empire of America has occurred.
Finally…the screen goes blank as the commentators are shot in the head by invading Russian troops.

Far fetched? I think not.

President Donald Trump May have screwed up his meeting with Putin but I think we all know the reason why. I say we all know and I am including the left wing media. Even though they are reporting Trump has thrown our country under the bus. Their coverage is a ruse devised with a distinct complicit and untruthful bias. Everyone knows Trump is having a hard time separating the fact that he won the election fair and square between Russia did attempt to meddle in our election process. Trump is not the most eloquent speaker and the left wing media is capitalizing on his shortcomings.

If we were living in a media world of 1961 a highly doubt our president would be going through such a horribly inappropriate barrage of negative attacks. In that time the American people stood behind our presidents and that included the media.

Not only would such an error in diplomacy be swept under the rug by our media, it might not have even occurred in the first place as Trump would not be so concerned about separating the two accusations.

That difference in our media culture is monumental.

Our left wing media is literally attempting to destroy this country and all in a vain attempt to gain political points. In the end their misdirected zeal will most likely lead this country into yet another war. Just like how Lyndon Johnson took us to war in Vietnam or Bill Clinton’s inability to resolve Iraq as it imploded around Saddam Hussein’s food for oil black market machine that fueled and created terrorist groups like Al Qaeda who used the suffering in that country as propaganda to recruit and attack America.

And Barack Obama’s withdraw from Iraq, his complicit creation of the terrorist ISIS organization, the left wing leadership in this country have either incompetently or complicity misled this country for decades.

But I digress. Regardless if Trump would or wouldn’t. It is monumentally important our country and Russia, along with Vladimir Putin, find a way to move our relationship forward as oppose to backward.

It was not Trumps administration that stood idly by as Russia meddled in our election. It was not Trump’s administration that used Intel of Russian interference to illegally wire their political opponents in attempts to win the election or twist their findings into an alleged Russian collusion political witch hunt in the event they lose.
Rather Trump is attempting the age old keep your friends close and your enemies closer and the left wing media is purposely misinterpreting America’s actions (Trump’s actions) by declaring treason.

Their coverage is not only a shameful disgrace it is highly dangerous and ironically treasonous itself.

Their coverage and animosity is a prime example of Trump derangement syndrome and national embarrassment.


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