by Melissa Grable:

I was invited to the American Border Patrol headquarters near the border fence with three AZ U.S. Senate candidates, one we have endorsed (Joe Arpaio), for a demonstration on how they protect our border. The American Border Patrol is a non-profit organization that helps notify the U.S. Border Patrol on illegal immigrants crossing our border.

The American Border Patrol uses high-tech technology that can detect and locate the illegals exact location. First, they have sensors underground that can detect movement that alerts the headquarters of their location.

After the American Border Patrol is alerted of their position, they then send out drones to the illegals position.

Once the American Border Patrol pin points the location of the illegal immigrants, they then notify the U.S. Border Patrol, who then comes and apprehends them. If it is night time and their drones cannot pick up the location with the camera, not to worry! The American Border Patrol then sends out their Borderhawk which has night vision capabilities.

One thing about the American Border Patrol is they are a non-profit organization that does not get funded through the government like the U.S. Border Patrol does. The downside of not getting more funding is that they would be able to cover a lot more area with more equipment. The American Border Patrol actually covers more ground than the current U.S. Border Patrol, but the U.S. Border Patrol gets paid a lot more to do less. Here is Joe Arpaio learning about how the American Border Patrol protects our borders.


I believe that if Joe Arpaio is elected for the AZ U.S. Senate, he would work with our great President Donald Trump to get the wall built. Currently as I saw myself, it is a fence easily climbed. We need that wall. Thank you American Border Patrol for all of your hard work in protecting this great country from the criminals!



I was in the Army and in OIF (operation Iraqi Freedom) in 2009. I left the Army in 2011. I became a journalist shortly after Trump announced he was running for President. I've been doing that since. I'm also with the Veterans for Donald Trump organization.

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