by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

Despite what the Leftist Media is telling us, we need tariffs to level the field in global trade.  America is being hindered in world markets while, America remains the number one consumer in the world.  All President Trump is seeking is fair and open trade; removing trade barriers.

Past administrations, as President Trump has so poignantly pointed out, have sold America at the expense of Americans; letting jobs and our future flutter away.  Trade deals that were sold to us as being great for America, devastated our manufacturing and energy sectors; thus hurting families and grew our dependence on government.

We were all told Trade Agreements can create opportunities for Americans and help to grow the U.S. economy.  And yet, all our trade agreements, just like Obamacare, had the opposite result of what we were told.  Do you really believe our past administrations, George H. W. Bush through Barack Insane Obama, were all just bad negotiators, who had the best of intentions?  Really??  If you like your country, you can keep your country.

What was truly behind all those trade deals?   No matter that we were told how trade deals would strengthen our economy, increase manufacturing and jobs, America continued to decline.  But Mexico, and Asian countries continue to grow and prosper, gaining in manufacturing, technology and jobs.  Ultimately it was about redistribution of wealth, destabilizing America, and breaking the infrastructure and industries needed for national security.

Listen folks, except for a small minority of true and loyal patriots, the whole Democrat and Republican Party thing, is the most grand pre-programmed soap opera, since professional wrestling.  They are two ends of the same blanket, being sold as different clothes.  It is theater on a worldwide stage.  Need more proof, not one of the five living presidents support President Trump.  By their own admission, they all voted for Hitlery.  Democrat and Republican alike.

They all sold us down the river to bring about the New World Order; supporting the Cabal; the Global Satanic Luciferian Child Trafficking Pedophilia Ring of the Elite and Famous; the Bilderburg Group.  No matter your name for it, it’s all the same.

Why is the Left fighting so hard against fair trade.  Meaning, why is the Left so intent on us subsidizing the world.  Because, as they prove time and time again, they don’t give a spit about America.  Their allegiance lies solely with the Cabal!

The trade deals and the imbalance of tariffs our former so called protectorates so cleverly worked out were and are all apart of an elaborate plan to bring down America.  They were designed to destroy our steel and metal industries and manufacturers.  Keep us from expanding as an energy leader.  Make us dependent on other countries for technology manufacturing.

Putting aside for a moment that those areas offer some of the best paying jobs on the planet, what else do they provide?   The nations security!  God forbid, should our country ever be drawn into a world wide major conflict; what three areas would be most important to America and the war effort?  Steel Manufacturing, Energy, and Technology!  Add to that the devastating way our government has emaciated our nation’s family farms.  Coincidence that the industries most vital to our nation were being sold, targeted or dismantled by means of regulations and tariffs?

No matter what the media tells you, a tariff war is not going to destroy and sink this nation.  It is only our way of standing up for ourselves as a nation and demanding what is fair.  President Trump is only doing what President Kennedy was attempting to do before his untimely demise.

President John Kennedy tried to expose and awaken us to the Cabal.  We all know what that got him.  President Trump now too is bringing about a Great Awakening.   He is exposing them all for who they are.  He is tearing down the curtains of their great world stage.  Trust President Trump, he is the peoples President.  He stands for and with America.  He is in an Epic battle against the N.W.O.

As a side note to all this, is the recent attack on Congressman Jim Jordan coincidence?   Law firm bringing charges is Perkins Coie.  Same law firm that paid for Steel Dossier on behalf of Hitlery Clinton.  Who’s been one of the most hard hitting congressman against the F.B.I.s witch hunt?  Who is a strong contender for Ryan’s seat when he steps down?  Jim Jordan!

Pray for our President, and enjoy the show.



Graduate C.M.S.U.  B.S.B.A. International Marketing Former Director China Century Development Four Years U.S.A.F, Two Years U.S. Army, 6 Years Missouri Army National Guard. Retired I.R.S. Retired State of Alaska Partner and Treasurer; 50 shades of Green LLC Visit my FB Page: The Chosen, The Elect, and Remnant of God.

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