I have just returned from the Shaw Festival in Niagara on the Lake in Canada where I have viewed a play written by Shaw. The program included a biography of the author and a point of view as how he saw America. In 1910 Shaw wrote that “America is a country that is proving its utter unfitness to Govern itself”. He described America as “Illiberal, superstitious, crude, violent, anarchic and arbitrary.” The interesting fact though is that Shaw became extremely wealthy and a multi millionaire, by today’s monetary terms directly due to America. Americans loved his plays, more than his own country England. He was an impoverished playwright until America fell in love with his writings and productions. He owes his livelihood directly to America. His point of view is easily explained.

England as well as a number of other European countries were ruled by an Upper Class, “The House of Lords in England”, that viewed the general population as Canon fodder to do with whatever they wanted. Shaw of course belonged to this class, so his views can be readily understood. The business and merchant and trade class fell below the dignity of the ruling elite who considered work beneath their dignity. They were land owners who rented their lands and edifices to the lower class. Even today, the majority of lands and structures in England is owned by the upper classes who lease it out to the populace for income. Very few of the general population, unless they are extremely wealthy own their own homes. They rent flats or apartments owned by the upper classes.

It was not until after world war II ended in 1945, when England emerged bankrupt that equality started to take hold and the manufacturing, merchant and business classes moved up and became financial powers. The unions were a great equalizer and the upper class became fearful of the group they had controlled until this time. The industrial revolution shifted the balance although the upper classes still controlled the real estate and still do till this very day.

The funny part is that a good part of Shaw’s description of the average American is true. This is what made America different and Great. The entrepreneurial spirit took hold and this tough and ruthless group build the industries that exist even to this day. Ford, General Motors, Boeing Standard oil, etc. The Dynasty’s that came with it, ‘The Rockefellers, The Carnegies, The Astor’s’, etc. etc. This also created a ruling class within America until again unions leveled the playing field somewhat.

The Liberal Democrats are the Privileged class living off the backs of the working and productive class. They only take and do not give back except for a few paltry sheckles, that they use to garner votes and get re-elected. They actually look at the world as a global world and are going out of there way to destroy the very country that made them. They are educated at the IVY League schools and study useless under grad courses as their majors, anthropology, English, psychology and then take law and politics as their chosen fields with no experience or studies to comprehend the real world. Engineering, business, finance, accounting, management is beneath them and yet they believe they have the right to make world decisions. They had almost destroyed the country until one man and one man alone, Donald Trump ran for President of this Great country. He appealed to the average American worker who was constantly being shafted by the incompetent Liberal Democrats and even Republicans who have no knowledge whatsoever of managing anything but just like to hear themselves talk.

Trump won, and history is being made. He has been in power for just 500 days and in that short period of time has reduced unemployment to almost zero, brought back manufacturing into the country, correcting all the stupid unbalanced trade agreements put in place by his incompetent forbearers. Wages have gone up and people are bringing home enough not to just take care of their families but put some aside to save for future needs. He is currently negotiating a peace agreement against a tyrant and will have created world peace if he succeeds.

Trump has the proper credentials to run a country successfully. He has managed businesses all his life. He is a graduate of WestPoint where he learned leadership and has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business where he received an excellent grounding in business management.

Is he hated for his successes by the opposition? You had better believe it. He has started an engine that is impossible to stop and will only draw in like minded skilled business types to run the country from now on. I predict that the next major election will obliterate the Liberal Democrats and a good number of incompetent Republicans as well. He is and will continue to drain a corrupt body that has mismanaged the country for years and only used their power to line their pockets.

Trump is a Patriot who truly loves his country and will succeed in developing an honest Government filled with skilled people who also love their country. He is bringing back integrity and competence that will keep America on top with its allies for the foreseeable future.

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