by Cherlynn Costner:

If it is “Fake” News, then what is it if it is not really “News”? Entertainment or Editors reviews?

If I remember correctly, news is suppose to bring us relevant information that is meaningful or important to the public at large.  Does that ring a bell?

Robert Mueller is searching for a crime while MSM or DSM scavenge around in circles trying to cover the story about the crime that is subject of an ongoing investigation and even court trials with Russian defendant’s.

Can you imagine if Sean Hannity can get the heat for sarcastically rehashing the Hillary Clinton Congressional circus where she smashed her cell phones under subpoenas and he was obviously joking.  However, the reporters try to sell their viewers that Hannity was for real.  There really are people who watch this and think it is true!

Censorship is one thing, but putting out complete garbage as if it is news worthy is totally lame.  If this is any indication of how well the democrats are doing in the mid-term elections then the republicans are in very good shape.  They would have to be desperate trying to please George Soros so making-up the slander on Hannity was the best they could do.

Bill Clinton was asked a few questions about his intern at the White House and if he had made a formal apology to her. MSM does get a couple of points for that!!  There are moments here and there where they are finally starting to pick up more of where people are really coming from on Trump, and Trump is walking his talk, for a change.

There was another interview this week when Hillary was asked if she enabled Bill’s abusive behavior toward women and she was stumbling on her no to that.  So, yes, the very fake news may be just “Fake” again and moving toward loyal journalist who keep America on the Ball!  Honest and on point.  Give us the whole scoop, and Keep American News Great!!

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman” President William Clinton

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