I find the Liberal Democrats a very interesting group, especially in the way they view the world through rose colored glasses.  They usually have developed into what hey have become by being born into a privileged class, fairly well educated in the liberal arts, having specialized in such majors such as social work, women’s studies, psychology, English, human relations, socialism and communism, liberal political science policies without studying other forms of Government for comparative purposes, study of different cultures, etc. 

They work in protected type jobs being teachers, social workers, psychologists whereby the majority of their income is paid for by tax payers.  They have always been protected from the real world and even their living environment is in upscale neighborhoods far away from dangerous areas.  Their entire thought process and resistance to any logical arguments which would force them to examine the real world is a product of their own little world kept away from the real world.  They would probably have mental breakdown if they had to face and resolve real world issues

 They honestly believe that the world is a lovely friendly place and if one loves their neighbor, their neighbor will love them back.  M13, Despot, Tyrants, subjugate populations are something one reads about in fictional books. 

One could layout complete indisputable proof that they are wrong but it wouldn’t scratch their surface or even penetrate their myopic world view.  They have developed a viewpoint that the world is one big country completely without borders whereby anyone can move freely without restriction.  Anyone who does not share their view is an enemy to be destroyed without any communication whatsoever.




The Conservatives are an unusual group who live in a self chosen stressful environment.  They are the ones who usually want to make positive change to the world in which they live.  They can be highly educated or just people with needed skills to keep society operating. 

Their education is usually geared toward practical courses; engineering economics, MBA, accounting, finance, business management, medicine, law, scientists, skilled trades, etc.  They invent new products that consumers use to make their lives easier; computers, smart phones, robotics, artificial intelligence, cures for diseases, etc.  This process usually develops large businesses and create a very wealth class of entrepreneurs. 

They employ millions of people and pay them taxable salaries whereby the taxes are used to pay salaries of non-productive citizens that are also a needed part of society such as teachers, Government employees and management, the Arts, social services and welfare to help people in need.  They are hated by the Democratic class because they are dependent on them for their survival and try every way to bite the hand that feeds them. 

The Democrats try to create a fictitious world whereby the Government just prints endless money to support them and they no longer need the upward mobility class.  In their minds, anyone who creates capital is evil.  They constantly are fighting to bring the highest level down to the lowest level.  It is a war and for the survival of society, the Conservatives must win the battle.

The above is my opening statement that is open for discussion and comment.

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