by Wayne Simmes:

The news has been abuzz with President Trump’s assertion that the FBI had placed a spy within his campaign. If true one would think that it would be much worse than anything that happened with Richard Nixon and Watergate.

Of course, the “intelligence” community flat out denied that this took place. But then we have to look back to when President Trump accused the Justice Department of wiretapping Trump towers during his campaign. That too was flatly denied. In fact one of Fox News headliners, Shepard Smith came out and called the President a liar for even suggesting such a thing.

And then the revelations came out about FISA warrants being issued and several of Trump staffers being mentioned in those warrants. Of course, their names were not supposed to be unmasked but that is another topic for discussion. Now did that amount to wiretapping, probably not but it did show that the government was surveilling Trump and his associates.

So now it has alluded that a spy had been introduced into the Trump inner circle by the FBI. When that was first mentioned, derision similar to the wiretapping claims came out. But the former Obama spy, James Clapper was asked about whether a spy was introduced into the campaign. He was less than candid with his answer, saying that if it did happen the government was keeping tabs on the Russians not on Trump and that was a good thing. Now, this man certainly would have known if surveillance into the Trump campaign was in fact happening but he cautiously avoided a direct answer. That in itself tells me that there was indeed such an individual.

So then the talk seemed to change to the definition of what a spy was. While denying that there was a spy in the campaign, they said that there might have been a confidential informant assigned to the Trump Campaign. So one might ask what is the difference between a confidential informant and a spy?

The definition of a confidential informant is a person who provides information to police or the government and whose identity is kept secret. In other words, someone who watches a person or group of persons for the sole purpose of reporting about their activities without that person or group of persons knowing that it is happening. That sounds a lot like a spy to me.

So when is a spy not a spy? It appears that it is when the Democrats use an undercover informant to do their dirty work.

So then Clapper was asked if President Barack Obama knew about what was going on. He was quite adamant that he was sure that Obama did not know. But in light of the text messages between two FBI lovers, talking about Trump, one of which said POTUS wants to know everything that is happening, that was surely a lie.

We might recall, that a President of the United States was forced to resign for a lot less than what is now coming to light about Obama and his Unjustice Department. Of course, we can’t force Obama to resign. But if we had someone that had not recused himself from anything that might happen in connection with the Trump campaign, we might be able to send a former President and his cronies to prison. I personally think Barack would look very good in an orange jumpsuit.

I am not a journalist.  In fact I am not sure that real journalists exist anymore.  I am just a common man, age 73. I began writing for my own pleasure in the mid 80's and wrote a complete novel entitled "Common Sense Solutions to Complex Problems" where I suggested that the best way to solve the National Debt might be to turn over the monopoly table and play a new game with new rules. I wrote my first published novel "The Devil, The Ghost and Will Anderson" in 2001 although at that time it was entitled "The Stranger". I presently have 30 published books, many of which are full length novels although some are under a "Pen Name". I also have a blog on word press "musingsofababyboomer"

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