by Wayne Simmes:

There is an old adage, “never discuss religion or politics”. I ran afoul of this recently when we visited one of my wife’s relatives. I knew better than to engage in political discussions and I tried my best not to be drawn into what I knew would be a futile discussion. But alas, I have never been accused of being able to hold my fire when it comes to either politics or religion. So in due time, I found myself defending our President when once again it was thrown out that he was the worst President that ever lived and the biggest liar to boot.

I tried to counter with what I believed was the path of least resistance, saying that you cannot hold lying against any politician because they are all liars. Nobody ever was elected to any office in this country by telling the truth. I would bet that all of you can look back on things that politicians have promised and failed to deliver. George H.W. Bush’s famous line, “read my lips, no new taxes” is just one such example.

But looking back on the 2016 Presidential campaign, one candidate stood out for making more promises than most. But amazingly enough, he has delivered on most all of those promises in his first year and a half as our President. That candidate was Donald Trump.

He promised to pull us out of the terribly flawed Iran nuclear deal and this past week he delivered on that promise. He promised to renegotiate the Paris Climate Accord or to pull us out of it and he has delivered on that promise. He promised to bring jobs (including manufacturing jobs) back to America and tens of thousands of those jobs have returned. He promised to appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court and his first nominee Neil Gorsuch delivered on that promise.

He promised to work to make better trade deals with China and he has been able to do just that. There are many other promises that he made, building a wall, renegotiating NAFTA and TPP that he is working on and I have no doubt that he will manage to fulfill even against the obstructionists in the Democratic and Republican parties.

But perhaps the one promise that he made as have so many before him that he fulfilled when none of his predecessors could, was accomplished this morning. Every president since Ronald Reagan has at one time or another promised to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and not one of them has delivered on that promise. But Donald Trump proved once again that he is a man of his word. He promised to move our embassy to Jerusalem and this morning our embassy was open for business in Jerusalem.

So for all of you that say that Donald Trump is a liar, please look back at all the things he has said that he would do and notice that for the most part, he has followed through on those promises. And then think about other presidents, such as Obama who drew a red line in the sand and then crawled away when Syria crossed it.

It will be interesting when the leader of North Korea meets with our President, something that has never been done before if he will understand that when Donald Trump says that he is going to do something he speaks the truth.

By and large, I stand by my statement that all politicians are liars, but two things stand out to me. One is that Donald Trump is not a politician and two he is a man of his word.

I am not a journalist.  In fact I am not sure that real journalists exist anymore.  I am just a common man, age 73. I began writing for my own pleasure in the mid 80's and wrote a complete novel entitled "Common Sense Solutions to Complex Problems" where I suggested that the best way to solve the National Debt might be to turn over the monopoly table and play a new game with new rules. I wrote my first published novel "The Devil, The Ghost and Will Anderson" in 2001 although at that time it was entitled "The Stranger". I presently have 30 published books, many of which are full length novels although some are under a "Pen Name". I also have a blog on word press "musingsofababyboomer"

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