By George G Lombardi

President Trump has proposed once again the need for a new military Space Force to defend the United States in the event of a space war. While those on the left and the Never-Trumpers will laugh and say President Trump is worried about ET attacking us; President Trump has a much more realistic reason for a Space Force.

Unfortunately, Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) proposed an amendment to slow down planning. He argued Congress should wait for a Pentagon assessment scheduled to be released this summer, which was requested by the House Armed Services Committee.

Reps. Mike Rogers (R) and Jim Cooper (D), the chairman and ranking member on the Armed Services Committee want an independent space service. Like the Marines are connected with the Navy; the Space Force would be connected with the Air Force.

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 bans the placement of weapons of mass destruction in Earth’s orbit, but there is no comprehensive international agreement on what exactly is considered a space weapon.

So, why would we need something like this now? The answer is quite simple. Because countries like Iran, North Korea, and other rogue nations could completely cripple the US electric/electronic grid (1/3 of all cell phones, computer, and electrical power plants) with just two or three well placed nuclear devices.

The Space Corps legislation, which passed in the House version of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act, unfortunately,  was killed by the Senate. Congress instead opted to restructure space commands within the Air Force. This led to multiple space units within the Air Force being eliminated, and the consolidating authority within Air Force Space Command.

Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson was stripped of her role as primary space advisor to Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, while Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan was given the responsibility of overseeing the budget and acquisition priorities for space defense.

Both Mattis and Wilson had opposed the Space Corps last year. They had argued the additional bureaucracy would hinder space defense readiness. However, the creation of a new military branch might be inevitable. China and Russia already have dedicated space forces. Because of this the Department of Defense is concerned any attack on the United States would begin on military communications, imaging, and GPS satellites. Several Air Force Generals have discussed the possibility a Space Force could very well be required in the future.

When President Ronald Reagan spoke of his Star Wars plan to protect the US from a Russian nuclear attack, many scoffed at the idea. However, President Reagan understood the real threat we faced not only from the Russians but any other country who would want to attack us.

It takes visionaries to know when to try something different to protect their people from destruction. President Reagan was such a leader and President Trump is one today. The destruction of our electric grid could potentially destroy our country and cost MILLIONS of lives. Now that President Trump has given his support to the idea, it’s possible lawmakers could step up and create the new military branch.

Please share this article with your Patriot friends and leave your thoughts about President Trump’s idea for a Space Force below.

George Lombardi is a dedicated American citizen, who proudly carries his Italian heritage and his love for what makes the United States the greatest nation in the world. Mr. Lombardi has advised political campaigns in the U.S.A. and in Europe and has been a high-level adviser to business & political organizations. George Guido Lombardi has made a career in business, politics, and writing about economics both in the United States and Italy.

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