By Linda L Barton

The People of California Have Had ENOUGH! As a former Californian, I have often wondered what happened to that once great state. When my Dad retired from the Air Force, we moved to Woodland, California which is a little north of Sacramento along the I-5 Interstate.

I have lived in both northern and southern California. I’ve lived in the bay area, as well as the beautiful towns of Ojai and Ventura. I had always thought I would live my entire life in California. However, it was not meant to be. You see, California lost its soul somewhere along the way, and I had to leave.

When most people think of California, they think its full of crazy liberals. But I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. California has millions of proud Americans. People who believe in the rule of law, and proudly place their hands over their hearts when saying the Pledge of Allegiance or saluting our beautiful American flag.

California is full of hard-working, everyday people who just want to live a good life and raise their families. The only problem is the liberal agenda has taken hold of that once great state and is choking the very life out of it and its citizens.

CITIZENS. That’s the operative word. The idiots in Sacramento have forgotten that fact. Heck, they’ve forgotten their oath. They’ve forgotten who they were elected to serve. They’ve bought into the One World Order agenda and are selling out to special interests who want to overtake the state. They shelter those in our country illegally, spend BILLIONS to care for those who snuck across our southern border, and why? What’s in it for those in the halls of the capital in Sacramento?

I’ll tell you what it is… POWER. Those serving in Sacramento don’t give a rats-azz about the people of California who go to work every day and play by the rules. Those in power, look at the everyday Californian as an ATM, pure and simple.

The problem is, it looks as though they’ve pushed it too far because your everyday Californian is starting to push back. They’ve had it, and they are coming out fighting.

During a city council meeting in Santa Clarita, a Deplorable stood and gave the city council a piece of her mind. Not only did she get her fellow Californians cheering, but she convinced the city council to vote not recognize California’s Sanctuary City law. This brave Patriot spoke her mind in a clear and concise manner, and I must give her a big thumb’s up!!

Wasn’t she amazing? I also have to say how pleased I was to see the Patriots gathered there, stand up and give her a rousing ovation. So, as more and more cities in California reject Sacramento and their push to destroy that once great state, I have one thing to say… God Bless California and God Bless the USA!

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Linda L Barton is a proud Patriot Warrior and supporter of President Donald Trump. She is a non-apologetic flag waving, gun owning, lover of free speech, and believer in our God-given rights and freedoms. She is not afraid to speak her mind, which often lands her in hot water with the weak-kneed, Snowflake cry-babies on the left. Linda is an International Bestselling Author and Founder of Deadly Reads. She is also the Editor in Chief of the Trump Times International and writer/editor for The Trump Times. You can also find her on Mumblit and Gab.

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