by Wayne Simmes:

In 2013 then President Obama announced that a red line for the United States was if Bashar Assad started using chemical weapons on his own people. Assad soon after did just that and Obama totally ignored it showing that his word and his resolved were both worthless.

Shortly after Donald Trump was sworn in as President, Assad again decided to test the resolve of an American President. He again gassed his own civilian population killing innocent men, women, and children. But this time was different. He soon discovered that this new President was not lily-livered like his predecessor. Within a short period of time missiles began raining down on the airbase that Assad had used to deliver his weapons of mass destruction. And all was quiet for a time after that.

But as time went on, Assad could see that President Trump was being assailed from all side from within his own country. He was being falsely accused of election manipulation and prostitutes were coming out of their cracks beneath the sewers to accuse him of being less than morally sound. Surely now he would not have the time or the will to be worried about what Assad was doing in the Middle East. And with the backing of Russia and Iran, he again decided to gas his own people.

Again he miscalculated the resolve of our President. This morning missiles from not only the United States but from France and Great Britain as well rained down on his chemical factories and facilities rendering them a pile of rubble. Putin had promised that if we attacked he would shoot our missiles out of the air, but strangely enough that did not happen. In fact, Putin’s response has been to call an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council, something that is completely meaningless since Britain, France, and The United States all have veto power over anything that might be close to condemnation of those countries.

One would think that Trump’s protagonists in this country would now stand behind him, seeing that he is a man of his word. Surely all those folks that have been shouting that he is in Putin’s back pocket would renounce their words and admit that Trump not only is not in Putin’s pocket but that he has done far more to thwart Putin than any President that has come before him. But not so.

Now we are hearing that the only reason that Trump took this action was to draw attention away from the Russia investigation and the Stormy Daniels accusations. So one has to ask since we did not undertake this mission alone, what was the motives of Great Britain and France in launching their missiles? Is it possible that they were hoodwinked by the author of “The Art of the Deal”? Is it feasible to assume that these great countries do not have agencies of their own to gather intelligence and that they had to rely on the doctored evidence of the United States? That is ludicrous to even contemplate.

They stood beside us because they believed that it was the right thing to do. Anyone except the most stalwart Trump haters have to see that genocide against an entire population cannot be condoned. Some response to these heinous attacks had to be carried out. To do otherwise would be to invite even more use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians in Syria.

Come on folks, wake up and smell the coffee. Donald Trump is a man of his word and we should stand behind him with our support. And once and for all time please put to rest your false accusations of Russian collusion.

I am not a journalist.  In fact I am not sure that real journalists exist anymore.  I am just a common man, age 73. I began writing for my own pleasure in the mid 80's and wrote a complete novel entitled "Common Sense Solutions to Complex Problems" where I suggested that the best way to solve the National Debt might be to turn over the monopoly table and play a new game with new rules. I wrote my first published novel "The Devil, The Ghost and Will Anderson" in 2001 although at that time it was entitled "The Stranger". I presently have 30 published books, many of which are full length novels although some are under a "Pen Name". I also have a blog on word press "musingsofababyboomer"

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