By Linda L Barton

Every time there’s a school shooting, the Anti-Gun advocates charge in and demand stricter gun control laws. They claim guns should NEVER be allowed in schools, no matter the reason or argument showing a potentially improved safety for students.

Well, the University of Kansas decided to prove the anti-gun crowd wrong and did it in a way that would make the Founding Fathers proud: they allowed law-abiding students to exercise their right to conceal carry.

Six months into a campus carry rule which liberals claimed would result in bloody gunfights and massive body counts, the statistics are telling an entirely different story.

From 2016 to 2017, the on-campus crimes reported actually DROPPED, according to a university police announcement reported on Friday by the Lawrence Journal-World.

In a report released by the KU Office of Public Safety, criminal offenses went down from 770 incidents in 2016 to 671 in 2017, that’s an overall decrease of 13 percent. Another interesting fact is although there have been 14 weapons violations since 2008, the tally for 2017 was exactly zero.

Yep, that’s right; there were zero weapons violations at the campus carry-friendly university in 2017. This is although the number of weapons on campus have undoubtedly increased. So much for the claims of uncontrolled violence if students are allowed to carry by those on the far left.

The KU Office of Public Safety’s annual crime statistics list is released each spring and includes only actual crimes under the law, not other university policy violations. Although the KU police seemed to attribute the decline to added police and security as well as their use of “security technology” like on-campus cameras, the lack of gun crimes is a poke in the eye to the arguments for gun control by the anti-gun crowd.

I find it amazing how the whole argument of gun control is destroyed when law-abiding citizens are allowed to exercise their second amendment right. We saw it after the church shooting in Texas. Longtime NRA member and instructor Stephen Willeford prevented the shooter from getting more ammo and returning to take more innocent lives. This brave man charged out of his house and ran down the street barefoot without thought for his own safety to stop the rampage of a deranged monster.

This is the truth of the second amendment. It was not written for those who commit murder. No, it was written to protect us from those who would do us harm and from an over-reaching government. Are you a member of the NRA? If not, you should be. Don’t let your right to bear arms be taken away. Vote for strong Constitutional loving conservatives this November. Our freedom and that of our children and grandchildren are at stake.

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Linda L Barton is a proud Patriot Warrior and supporter of President Donald Trump. She is a non-apologetic flag waving, gun owning, lover of free speech, and believer in our God-given rights and freedoms. She is not afraid to speak her mind, which often lands her in hot water with the weak-kneed, Snowflake cry-babies on the left. Linda is an International Bestselling Author and Founder of Deadly Reads. She is also the Editor in Chief of the Trump Times International and writer/editor for The Trump Times. You can also find her on Mumblit and Gab.

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