By Cherylynn Costner:

When America was born, the colonists started with a great idea, but to break from England also meant slicing off surpluses of goods, services and protection from competitors like France and Spain for the territory, little that they had at that time.

About 70 years after the establishment of a free Confederate Union of America, it was feeling the cash crunch.

Although the east coast was flush with comforts, agricultural products, a prosperous mercantile class and international business transactions, the discovery of gold in the west changed the economic balance.  Americans were among the nations sending boats to claim their fair share.  However, boats were limited, and most Americans traveled by covered wagon across the prairies, mountains and deserts.  They carried water to sustain them between rivers and streams.  Thousands would die along with their horses and cattle.  They either starved, died of thirst or were killed by bandits or Indians on their journey west.

By the 1860s the gold ran out, but word reached the east about the Comstock Load of silver in the ground.  Mining silver became a booming industry, with Abe Lincoln’s help as President of the United States.  Without the existence of California’s rich mineral resources, America might not have stood the test of time.  It might have had to bow down to England again had it not become fiscally independent through western migration and industry.

California became a state in 1850 with the vote in favor of the Compromise of 1850 by Millard Fillmore, a member of the Whig party.  Fillmore was the 13th President of the United States (1850-1853) and the last president not to be affiliated with either the Democrat or Republican parties.

Although the rush into California began with the pan handlers, chasing gold nuggets and dust, even the wealthiest died in poverty if they lived long.  The United States has always been there holding things together as the California replaced gold with the billion dollar film industry.   It became a place to go in winter, where sun  shines most of the year. For over one and a half centuries, California has been the spoiled child of the union, with daddy (i.e., the federal government) ready to rescue the naughty child.

The wild west never really ended.  The Bohemian Groves are in Northern California.  Alex Jones jumped the fence with a film crew from InfoWars and proved that California is a freak show.  It is as if Californians became addicted to the gold.  Rich billionaires flock like birds to preform rituals and cast spells to take over the world.  Those who breathed the words New World Order were labeled as Conspiracy Theorists, while California kept spinning fantasies (beyond the boundaries of this short post).

No wonder California’s politicians seem unimpressed by the Nunes Memo regarding FISA abuse.  They scoff at the lack of due process and equal protection of the law for President Trump and his family.  California is the LaLa Land where that kind of caca is manufactured!!

That is not to say that everyday Californians even know about the hanky panky hidden in the Northern California mountain resorts.  It is also true that most of the state is not filthy rich either!  Regular Californians would like to see gold again.  More and more the economy of the USA is growing, and Californians want their share of that wealth.  Draining the Swamp needs a western version.  Lately, there has been a showing of federal workers coming in to protect real Americans from the crazy state government, which willingly sacrifices its residents’ safety in order to steal elections with illegal votes.   After gaining office, the politicians solicit more federal funds to help cover the costs.

California has fresh conservative faces appearing on the political scene.  From Ventura County, to the Governor’s Mansion, changes are inevitable.  Trump is in the air and he is needed more in California than any other state.  California has become the poorest state in the union. God hears the prayers of the everyday Californian, who asks, “When are you going to give us the Donald?”

President Trump will be in San Diego later this month to check on the border wall.  Knees are already shaking in Sacramento.  Californians love President Trump, but the media are controlled by a small group of billionaires.  You would not know that Trumpsters may not want to advertise their political opinions as liberals are often paid directly or indirectly for displaying liberal hash tags and popular offenses of the day.

ONCE YOU KNOW THE HISTORY OF CALIFORNIA, THE WILD LAWS BEING THROWN AROUND LIKE A SCHOOLBOY PILLOW FIGHT SHOULD BE NO SURPRISE.  In 1850, California was pro-slavery, when President Fillmore was anti-slavery. In order to get California to join the United States, he had to sign the compromise promising not to interfere with slavery.  California wanted the freedom to decide when and how it would use slaves.  Since Fillmore was VP when Taylor died, and being told by President Taylor a few days before his death,  that if slavery became a deal breaker to agree to the Compromise, Fillmore reluctantly signed it as the 13th POTUS.  However, his party was so upset by the perceived betrayal of human dignity that opposes ownership of humans as labors, he was not nominated by his Whig party at the next presidential candidate and only served 3 years.

It was the republicans against slavery then and still is.  We like babies living better than sold as body parts too.  Conservative might not only be called the People’s Party, but the Life Over Dollar Party.  None of that makes people the really bad things we are told we are simply for having our own opinion.  Americans do not like being told what to think and when to think it.  That is why Trump would have won California if they did not count the illegal votes and why they are scared of him to date!.

MSM can pump out Fake News until Hell Freezes over.  There has been too much exposure via Trump’s victory.  The Public learned of the lies and outright corruption of the DNC and the Obama Administration wanting to control Public Opinion.  Their problem being the information flood of the internet.  It is simply too dangerous to speak out due the corrupt politicians who protect illegals who kill people over the proper Americans living in this state. Quiet while they vote Trump at the ballot box!

California Loves Trump

Californians are NOT stupid like Sacramento thinks.  They just need help to protect them and the electoral process.  The 2020 vote will turn California as red as a ripe strawberry field in Oxnard!!

Drain That Swamp!! 

Build the Wall!!!


Make America, including California, Great Again!!!!


Will you help Trump Drain The Swamp?






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