by Cherylynn Costner:

She is dead, she’s dead, the wicked lying back stabbing witch blaming the loss of the 2016 election had a whole house drop on her sorry kazoo!  It was all a bunch of hullabaloo. 

Climb out of your shrubs if you were afraid of being called a Russian spies for Voting Trump/Pence.  It was not mass hypnosis of 62 million Voters after all.

A top Russian official dismissed the latest round of indictments in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe as “just blabber” while U.S. officials said the charges made it clear the nation meddled in the 2016 presidential election. He could be right.  After all, if I remember correctly, Benghazi tarnished Clinton’s elect-ability appeal, the cascading body count of diplomats and other who had been awaiting to testify against the Clinton Foundation looked suspicious at best and ‘Fast and Furious’ landing military weaponry in places where our soldiers were getting killed, thanks to the slippery slope of under handed shipments out of Mexico that were so confusing at the time.

That does not even start getting into the release of Wikileaks emails that exposed much more.

The thought that she needed any help from Russia to lose is an American embarrassment Why else would she have needed to fix the primaries against Bernie Sanders?  Not because she was so loved as MSM would like us to believe.

Don’t be the Straw Man while you skip along the Yellow Brick Road, please pay a visit to America First Coalition website.  You might find out how the Tin Man finally got his Heart!   We can protect our country from the deep State Saboteurs like George Soros, but it is going to take all of us doing what we can from where ever we are to help Donald Trump to Make it the the Land of Oz and have a serious talk with that Man Behind the Curtain

. . . And in the End, you wear wearing those Ruby Slippers all along <3 You only had to realize the power that has always been waiting for you to Go Home.  President Trump and our First Lady Melania saved our Home from Global Tyranny.  Now that it is ours are we willing to turn off the Fake News and stop crashing out to the smell of those Poppy Fields like poor Dorthy and her little dog Toto?  America was not built that way.  And that is NOT how it is going to crash down on us either.  But We the People means all of us.  So please come out and celebrate our Freedom of democracy as a civilized country with moral as well as laws.

“It is Safe, you can come out now,” Glenda, the Good Witch of the North.








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