By Calvin A Johnson

Anyone see this in the media? Do you want to know what’s wrong with the cesspool Hoods around America? One bad cop shooting and the incident is in the news for a couple of weeks.Then all The Liberal News Outlets blame ALL POLICE! Yet, this is where the substance of the problem indeed exists!  The reality of killing young, innocent children over drug turf is the nightmare which exists in the Hood.

Liberal News Media does everything possible to keep the recurring problem a well-hidden secret. Fascinating how the Media makes every effort to EXPLOIT “Perceived” White Racism. Bear in mind when a Cop is guilty of a bad shooting, there are protests, property damage and calls for limiting the police effort to tamp down the murders in the ghetto. Again, all it takes is one bad cop, and that cop’s behavior translates into ALL Police! The thug/criminals in the Hood cite unknown statistics which clearly have a fictitious basis, to make the police appear to be bad guys. The Liberal Media then gives this wrongly flawed report a ton of media coverage.

Facts should be the focus in the Hood because that way of life needs to be eradicated once and for all! Young predatory and savage murdering Hood Rats compete to establish their slice of the drug trade. You say prove it? Well, how do you think Suge, Puffy, and Tupac and the rest of those Black Princes of Drug dealing and murder made their money?

Tip, they were not working at a Tech Company compiling population statistics. Why is it important to be aware of what’s going on? The reason is the barbaric murders in the Hood have begun to spill over to the broader  society at large. I submit that every life taken by these brutal sociopaths and psychopaths needs to be put under the microscope each time it takes place.d

Each time the media fails to alert decent, law-abiding citizens that a serious threat to their lives and family exists, they are not doing their jobs! A fifteen-year girl and a seven-year-old girl were killed based on a bad drug deal. The behavior in the Hood is not exceptional; it is part of a disgusting ethos in every major ghetto in America. What exists in those neighborhoods is a cesspool of human habitation.

Consider, murder for hire, murder over drug turf, violent robberies of the elderly and children. Be acutely aware, good people, the ghettos across this country have become the repository for violent criminal behavior. When you are dealing with depraved human behavior, you must recognize the perpetrators are not able to be cured by modern psychiatry. The highest murder rates in America exist in the ghettos. But, given the lack of attention by Liberal News, one would be hard-pressed to make a statement to that effect. Every law-abiding citizen in America should be screaming at these News outlets to REPORT the facts as they exist.

In the highly delusional world of the Hood, no one has the courage to confront the FACTUAL PROBLEM. Children are being raised in homes where education is NOT valued. Laws are not respected due to the given thug/criminal culture. Children can not speak Standard American English or are unable to perform basic math calculations. Then they are indoctrinated with the belief they can not be successful in America due to White Racism. Well, now you are dealing with a person whose ability to perceive reality is definitely compromised. The good people who live in the Hood are at the mercy of these young pathological killers. How difficult it is for decent families to raise their children in the current environment?

The violent underbelly of American Ghettos must be eradicated. America has a serious choice to make, either the thug/criminal ethos is destroyed, or ultimately it will destroy America. It is not a safe place to be raising children if you want them to be successful in life.


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Calvin's roots began on the Island of Bermuda. His birth-mother, Phyllis Burgess, due to financial circumstances was unable to care for two sons. Therefore, he was adopted by Grace E. Collins Johnson. Calvin lived in the City of Stamford, CT. Calvin has fond memories of his early life such as going to the library and selecting books on animals. He was also a Baseball Fan of both The New York Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers. He began playing organized baseball at eight years old. Calvin graduated College from The University of Connecuit in 1972 with a BA in Sociology- Magma Cum Laude. He also received an MBA University of Connecuit in 1978

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