By Linda L Barton

With all the events happening in the Russia Collusion investigation and Clinton/DNC corruption, we must not take our eyes off the other dangers we face. From Dreamers demanding special privileges to the MSM doing all they can to destroy the Trump Presidency, we must not forget the other threat we are facing… the continual spread of Islam around the world.

Former President Obama, opened the floodgates for followers of Islam to come to our country and set up areas in cities where non-believers dare not go. We’ve seen how they’ve been given MILLIONS of our tax dollars in monthly payments, while average Americans struggled just to make ends meet. Then we see images on social media and the news of foolish Americans holding signs welcoming them here and saying how we should allow them to practice Sharia Law.

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but for the life of me, I don’t understand Liberals love affair with Islam.  I know they are notorious for following the latest craze, but what they are wrapping their arms around this time is a belief system that wants to kill them or force them into a life as a slave.  I’m not saying that all Muslims are evil. BUT I am saying a growing number of their faith are embracing the direct teachings of the Quran and Sharia Law.  Things that are an affront to what we believe here in the Western World.

Case in point is how women are treated.  We all know how a Muslim woman is the property of her husband and must dress according to Islamic Law.  However, there is much more to that which is practiced in Muslim countries, and now is spreading throughout the world.

When it is said a woman is the property of her husband, it means just that.  She is no different than when you own a dog.  Her life and well-being are held in the hands of her husband.  Be it good or bad, he has the complete and unquestioning say as to her life.  How many liberal women holding those stupid signs welcoming the refugees would like that? Zero, I’m sure.

A while back, I came across on a story that paints a clear picture of just what being a woman living under Islamic Law faces on a daily basis.  It’s the story of a 17-year-old bride named Tayyaba.

We have all heard the stories of women being disfigured with acid, or beaten to the brink of death because they displeased their husband.  Well, this story is as heart-wrenching as those.  You see, Tayyaba did the unthinkable.  She made a request to go visit her parents.  Yes, I said it correctly.  That young bride asked to go see her parents. From the story, it stated how she foolishly pushed the subject.  No longer wanting to be a second-class citizen, she wanted to see her parents.  Well, apparently, that was some sort of grievous offense to her husband because he dragged her outside, tied her to a tree, and then cut off her hair AND her nose.  Yes, you read it right.  He CUT OFF HER NOSE and left her tied to that tree for hours, bleeding and in great pain.  Yep, that sure is something we want here, isn’t it?

Then you read the stories of men raping young children; even infants.  The problem is that is NOT frowned upon in their culture.  You see, in their culture, it’s the fault of the victim for seducing the man.  Yep, even a poor goat has the powers of seduction according to one of their religious leaders. Of course, this seductive power forces the poor man to kill the evil goat once he’s done having his way with it.

Now, this gets back to my original question: Where is the Feminist Outrage?  They will march in the streets, crying for the rights of those who supposedly oppress women here in the USA. However, they are silent when those horrific stories of what is happening to women and children at the hands of Muslim men are brought to light.  The Feminists today are hypocrites.  They profess to be for women, but, in fact, they are only for their liberal agenda.  Sorry, but life is NOT rainbows and butterflies.

I used to tell my children, “Be careful what you ask for.”  This is something those women who are marching today because President Trump is a meanie need to understand.  The radical Islamic culture DOES NOT give women any rights.  This, of course, means if a man decides he wants to rape you, it’s well within his right.  If a man decides your child is not worthy, it’s within his right to murder your child.  I’m sure if these same stupid women holding signs and professing their acceptance had to face such acts, they would quickly change their minds.

This is a culture Westerners don’t understand.  We profess our desire to be understanding and compassionate, but by turning a blind-eye, we are opening our country to those who think of us as sub-human.  Several countries around the world thought they could open their doors and welcome them into their lives.  Now, look at what’s happening.  Their nations are now overrun, and their very lives are no longer their own.  Countries that were once Christian are now controlled by radical Muslims, who murder and rape the Christians in the most horrendous ways.

The words chanted by the women protesting on the streets today are empty and meaningless.  All of their stupid words of how President Trump is evil and harming them is NOTHING to what will happen once this country in under radical Islamic Rule. The same is for those in the LGBT community. Do they not understand that radical Muslims will murder them without a second thought?

Now we have the Five Pillars of Islam being taught in some of our schools. Our daughters are told to wear the Hijab and students are made to pray to Allah IN SCHOOL while anything Christian is forbidden! What happened to separation of Church and State? With honor killings happening more often here in the US and the push to allow CHILD brides, there is a horrible movement happening right under our noses.

Between the refugees, illegal immigrants, and Progressives wanting to destroy this great nation and create something new in its place, I worry for our children’s futures. Luckily, with President Trump at the helm, we have a chance to save this great Republic. However, he cannot do it all alone. We need to vote for those who will support his agenda to #MAGA. We need to stand strong against the lies in the media and from those trying to normalize Sharia.

Say a prayer, my Fellow Lady Patriots, that we never know the actual suffering of the women currently living under Sharia Law. Also, say a prayer of protection for President Trump. I worry about him every day as he takes on the dark forces and their evil minions.

God Bless You, and God Bless the USA


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Linda L Barton is a proud Patriot Warrior and supporter of President Donald Trump. She is a non-apologetic flag waving, gun owning, lover of free speech, and believer in our God-given rights and freedoms. She is not afraid to speak her mind, which often lands her in hot water with the weak-kneed, Snowflake cry-babies on the left. Linda is an International Bestselling Author and Founder of Deadly Reads. She is also the Editor in Chief of the Trump Times International and writer/editor for The Trump Times. You can also find her on Mumblit and Gab.

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