by Daveda Gruber:

Here we go again, domestic abuse. Allegations and more allegations.

David Sorensen, a White House speechwriter, is resigning. This comes with domestic abuse allegations.

President Trump tweeted about the men. It’s not the first time Trump has been dismissive of allegations against staff and political allies.

He supported he voiced support for GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore in November.  Moore had been accused of sexual misconduct against teenagers.


Sorensen stepped down two days after another administration official, Staff Secretary Rob Porter, left after allegations came by two ex-wives. They claimed that he physically abused them.

Raj Shah, principal deputy secretary said, “Before we were contacted by the media, we learned last night that there were allegations. We immediately confronted the staffer, he denied the allegations and he resigned today.”

A well-known GOP operative in Maine, Sorensen, worked as a senior adviser to Governor Paul LePage.

The White House claims his position did not require a security clearance and his background check was ongoing.

The Washington Post first reported news of Sorensen’s exit. They said a former wife claimed he had been violent and emotionally abusive during their two and a half years of marriage. The paper said he had heatedly denied the allegations. He said he was the victim of domestic violence in the marriage to his ex-wife, Jessica Corbett.

Both these men, Sorensen and Porter, were accused by ex-wives. There were pictures in Porter’s case.His first ex-wife allegedly filed a restraining order against him.

Was there ever a trial to prove the women’s’ allegations? The answer is no. Did the women call the police after the alleged abuses? Again, the answer is no. Could the women have been afraid and be telling the truth? The answer is yes.

This could possibly be a new ploy to rid the White House of Trump’s administration? There are a lot of questions.

The Democrats are certainly having a ‘media party’ over all of this.

Has domestic abuse become the new allegation instead of sexual abuse?

If I hear of one more allegation, I will start to question whether someone should be proven guilty before their life is shattered.

I am the 'chief editor' at the 'The Trump Times'. I adore journalism. Politics seems to be my preferred genre although I do not hesitate to write anything that strikes me as interesting. Researching and finding 'Breaking News' makes my blood rush. I've written seventeen books and over that including books in conglomeration with others, mostly for charity. Doing graphic art design has always been fun for me. Sometimes I incorporate this talent into my articles or when a special 'feature picture' is required. You can find me tweeting on: You can always find my articles on

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