I believe Mr. Trump to be a genius. The last few days with him holding court in front of the media with representatives  and senators sitting at the table with him, have created a brand new form of government. This is truly by and for all the people. He has created: Reality Government.

You heard it here first. He brings all of his enemies into his office and allows them to speak with him in front of the media. What a fantastic idea. What a wonderful way to bring back civility. What an awesome idea to stop the “he said, she said” in its tracks. Wow!

if I hadn’t been impressed by him before, this would have put him way over-the-top with nothing else to offer. It’s time for everyone to recognize this is no ordinary man. This is a man who does what he says and says what he means, who doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, and he doesn’t have to chase women. Every time anyone accuses him of something it turns out they are guilty of much worse.

Who can you think of who could live life in the goldfish bowl and really be as clean as he is? He is Mr. Clean. Mr. Clean gets rid of dirt, grime, and grease in just a moment. Mr. Clean will clean the whole House, and then he’ll clean the Senate. He’ll clean the FBI. and California… and…

It makes one’s mind spin with all the possibilities.


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